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  1. Title says it all : can anyone please create one? really needed.
  2. @wikte the bot doesn't work smart ass.... someone always have a to a "forum hero"
  3. It seems that is was updated earlier this month. Are you sure it doesn't work? If not, notify the bot author so they're aware of the bug(s).

  4. Be more polite... u should notify the bot author, or at least mention in your post that current one is not working...
  5. The majority of the posts on that bot state that it work. You didn't even post a bug report before making a new thread asking for an already existing bot in all caps, stating that it's needed? At least post a bug report first.
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  6. it works fine its a problem on your end not the bot. I run 4+ accounts 15+ hours a day with literally no issues.
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  7. @tilly how can it be on my end? Legit start bot and the thing doesnt runn properly. Whats your setting ? Resiable or full screen? Please help me
  8. Full screen with the zoom all the way out. It has to be on your end because if i can run it for 15+ hours with no error and get 1100+ an hour, its on your end. IDK man experiment. But there is nothing the bot creator can do when its on your end.

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