RS3 gnome agility course (RS3)

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  1. I would love to be useing a Agility bot that runs the agility course at the gnome stronghold.
    The bot would have to work on RS3.
  2. Alpha agility already does this, i used it last night?
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    @Party close thread?
  3. its not "free"
  4. Rofl. Bots shouldn't be free. They require tons of work and maintenance
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  5. Never said it had to be free. just saying the one he named wasnt free so please get you negative ass off this thread?
  6. Wow... Ok
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  7. Yeah cmon man... Making scripts bots takes less than 5 mins, max 10mins if you're slow.. Don't be a greedy, negative person and make it paid/supporter only... It's not like you did any hard work anyways..

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  8. I don't put any work at all... My bots are so shitty I make them all free cuz I can't make them supporter...
  9. @PuppyLover101 , you are telling the truth!!
  10. The question is, if that is the truth, then why the fuck don't you just make the bot yourself? Always great having ungrateful users to analyze and sympathize for their futures. @PuppyLover101 was being sarcastic, but you arent... Go use powerbot or some other bot to get you banned, it's what you deserve. Hope you understand and learn something, because I am not learning from listening to you.

    Here is where you get started. But you probabky wouldn't be able to set it up right even though apparently making bots is super easy... guess it's not easy enough for you.
    Tutorial - The Coding Chronicles - for a Newb, by a Newb
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  11. Yeah lol.. Wtf? Lol I'm done with this kid.. How the fuck does he not know I'm being sarcastic.. I even a added a /s..
  12. Lol retarded kid edit; banned gj staff.

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