RS3 How to make so you do not Ban?

Discussion in 'General' started by clampoi, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Yesterday I download this program and with the bot v1.0.4 MaxiThiever Minning . Today I learn that my account was banned. As I can do to prevent this from happening again with another and to use the quiet bots ? Bots which recommend?
  2. I know your feelings were hurt lol :p. Don't bot over 6 hours a day and don't wear starter clothes to help reduce reports..
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  3. I've been botting with starters clothes and still haven't got banned??
  4. It just reduces the chances of getting banned, which is pretty obvious.
  5. starting to sound like a broken record haha
  6. Man I love the v1.0.4 MaxiThiever Minning, it's @Aidden's best bot by far.

    Ontopic though, your best bet would be to "bot smart", botting for decently low hours at a time, with breaks. E.g. Botting 6 hours a day broken up into intervals such as 2hr - break - 3hr - break - 1hr
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