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  1. I'm new to the site, but not new to botting.
    I've been caught once, and was rolled back and was never caught again back in 2011.
    Ever since RS went to RS3 with interface and the mechanics, I figured botting was definitely at a stalemate,
    if not dead.

    How stable is this bot? I only play RS3. Been playing since 2005, botting since 2007.
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  2. Super stable, my longest botting period is 32 hours before my computer over heated ahah

    So Runemate will last longer than your computer. Nothing to worry about.
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  3. I bot on one account, do i need to worry about using a VPN? or can i just go ahead and start botting?
  4. it's a game. Who cares. if you get banned, which you wont. Just start again. 24/7 no vpn/vps. Yolo.
  5. No, no yolos. I have a 12 year old account I do care about lol.
  6. Then don't bot on it. There will always be a risk. NO MATTER WHAT.
  7. Yeah don't bot on such a valueable account, because you WILL get banned. I have had 5x accounts banned with runemate hahahaha... But then again I suicided and went full retard so yeah...
  8. I don't mind taking chances, but if there's a considerable rate of people being banned, and the client being detectable;
    then that's all I want to know. I used to write scripts bots with Simba and have a fair amount of experience with botting.
  9. The client is not detectable

    No one can tell you the ban rate because THERE ISN"T ONE!

    It's about 80% luck and the rest of the 20% is common sense. Same as life.

    Life is like runescape. You can cheat sometimes just make sure you don't get caught. or die.
  10. If I were you I would go with simba if you want to bot hardcore.
  11. I'm about in the same situation as you are. Old account, only botting 1 account. I have botted for 11 hours straight on 1 skill, multiple days in a row, and I can assure you that this is by far the safest bot I know. I would push that 11 hours to the max, but like you, I wouldn't want to lose my account. I don't use VPN's or that shit by the way.
  12. i yolo on a nearly 5 year acc, 20hrs a day-24hrs a day, for like a month str8 now, ur 12 year acc will be safe if u bot a lil smart like Cabbage linked u.
    I dont really think that amount of playtime gets u banned, its just that when 10 ppl at the same time are reporting u or when u are standing at the same spot for hours or days with multiple reports for botting. so just bot smart, bot in a VERY crowded world or in a really low populated world.

    GL anyways, i must say RuneMate is the most undetectable bot at the moment. as mentioned b4, the client is undetectable, unlike the shitty one of powerbot. so when u get banned it has to do with reports ingame i guess.
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  13. Thank you for the feedback guys.

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