Keep getting banned, constantly!

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Oliver maunonen, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Hi there. I have been botting for like a week now. Made about 30-40 accounts, witch all got banned(not at the same time). So my question is, does Jagex target players that just started out? What can I do to not get banned after running the bot for 20-30 mins?
  2. Helps to not skip tutorial quest and to do a couple extra ones. Your ip is likely flagged. Consider using SOCK proxies (supported in RuneMate) or a VPN.

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  3. Well first: in a week 40 accounts from the same ip -> suspicious
    Second: You probably skipped tut (island if osrs) as @Arbiter said and they watch that too
    Third: your ip man... its prob flagged as @Arbiter said
  4. It's believed, that they do keep an eye on your IP address, if you've received a ban for major macroing / goldfarming.
  5. No matter how hard i tried, i've never been banned on any bot client. Beleive me i tried on a vpn account...same ip for months.
  6. I mean if you're going to create an account and bot on it right away, you're going to get banned.
  7. They more than likely have your IP flagged in there system, you should consider using some sort of VPN.
  8. I legit made an account named Rsb0ts N3t... And if that doesn't scream BOT... Idk what does... The only problem I had in the beginning with it was they made me change my name (which was likely to happen, but no bot ban?)

    Later down the road, I got banned by bot busters twice.. So they perm banned me.

    It's weird how Jagex does their BOT Bans >_<
  9. osrs or rs3?
  10. Well considering my username wasn't an email, it was before the email update :)

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