money making WC vs. Fishing

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  1. What do you all think is better for money making WC or fishing?
  2. Yeah okay let's pretend I don't want to kill you right now.

    1. Post in the right section. Try, surprise surprise, the RuneScape section.
    2. Specify which game (RS3, OSRS, DarkScape), you can do this by either posting in the right subsection or adding a prefix.
    3. Roughly explain what you want to do. Are you trying to gold farm? If so ban-rates for both options might play a factor.

    While it's my goal to make sure everyone is happy and gets the help they need, this is also the real life. You don't just walk into the supermarket, tell the lady at the service desk that your tooth hurts, and expect to have it dealt with.
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  3. Think this is one of the best things I've read tonight. Thank you <3
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  4. jeez sorry lol, ill go post it in the right section i meant osrs btw, im new to this site and didnt no where to post it
  5. dude its a forum you guys need to relax. what an unnecessary response to a simple question. Sorry about that man RS is filled with very angry people for no reason. I personally do WC because I think its faster but it depends. If you start playing darks cape i recommend fishing and cooking because of the high demand for food.
  6. Personally I'd do WC because it's a classic method that requires little to no attention. The thing with fishing is that it's easier to manipulate prices (higher profit for you) although it may take longer time to sell.
  7. If its in the wrong section why haven't you moved it to the correct one? Do you not have that ability?

    On topic: both are high ban rate but super simple to set up and run. gp/hr varies with both, so I'd just stick with whichever one you like botting more.
  8. This should explain everything :)

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