OSRS Money Making Fishing vs. WC

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  1. Which do you all think is the better option for money making at level 99 WC or Fishing?(OSRS) thank you for your time. Hopefully i posted this in the right section now because i got badgered for putting it in the wrong one last time..
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  2. Getting badgered is completely different from getting taught a life lesson.

    I think that Fishing is is a better alternative because you start making money with it on an earlier stage, namely from the moment you can fish Lobsters. If I remember correctly, then fishing Swordfish is better better money per hour (and exp per hour) than Sharks at this very moment. Swordfish is the best available food in F2p, which means that F2p players and namely F2p pkers will assure you that your fish will always sell. (The same goes for Yew/Magic logs however because of the Fletching skill) Being able to sell what you produce is an important part of gold farming. I suggest you use Savior's Fishing bot named "Celestial Fisher" when he has revamped it fully.
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  3. thanks man I appreciate the reply, lol only said badgered becasue you implied you wanted to kill me :D sorry again for posting in the wrong place.
  4. No problem, happy to help. Goodluck gold farming!
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