need help, im new to the botting community

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  1. i would be very appreciative if someone explained to me how to use a bot with a proxy or whatever so it doesnt link up to my main. i know how to bot but dont know how to use one with a proxy or change of ip address. any replys would be welcome :)
  2. First off, welcome to Runemate :D
    Second, go and read this :) How to bot safely | Community | RuneMate
    3th, If you are running a single account, you can use a VPN, but if you are running several bots, use a proxy.
    The proxy option is build in the client upon the login screen :)
    For proxies, i like to use this website: Free Proxy List – Public Proxy Servers (IP PORT) – Hide My Ass!
    If you want to use a VPN, then a good choice is Cyberghost. it can be downloaded for free here: Download CyberGhost 5 for Windows
    Cyberghost is also really "noob-friendly" :)
    If you don't want a wait time for a vpn connection, then you can go with SoftEther VPN which can be downloaded right here -> Download - SoftEther VPN Project
    Its abit harder to setup, but its the same as cyberghost :) (no ads + no waiting time)

    I really hope this all was helpfull :) if you need anymore help, then dont wait to send us your questions :)
  3. thanks for the reply :) at the moment only using one account but in the near future ill be using 2. im not a hardcore botter lol if that makes sense. so for 1 acc at a time just use a vpn, and for 2 accs at a time use a proxy then? or just continue to use a vpn since it's not 'several' accs at a time
  4. If i were you, i would go for a vpn for 1 or 2 accounts.
    Also, when you are connected to a vpn, run a speedtest :) you don't want your bots to fail due to a bad/slow connection =)
  5. VPN for 2 accs? Just bot on your home IP.
  6. okay ill take your word. thank you very much for the help kristiaan :)
  7. Np man :)

    If he wants to be sure his main is safe... :)
  8. Might want to take into account that Cyberghost disconnects after 3 hours on the free version :)
    It's either 3 hours of inactivity or just 3 hours no matter what. I'm on my phone atm but look into it.

    Personally I've been botting on my home IP since 2009 and never did one account I didn't bot on get banned. Chain bans have never happened to me either.
  9. I forgot about that sorry :)
  10. I'd just like to note that any free vpn's/proxies are a bad idea as a lot of them are flagged by jagex so can actually get you banned quicker.
  11. hi
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    im new and i dont understand how it works i add them to the client and now there stands no content in table
  12. This is a completely unrelated question to this topic. Next time please post a thread in the support section or ask someone in the shoutbox if they're available in there. But to answer your question, i'm guessing you mean you added bots to your account but they're not showing up in the client. This is because you've added bots that don't support the game type you're running. Please hover the bot in the bot store to see which game types it supports.
  13. You might draw more attention to your account(s) by using a proxy/VPN. If you're just going to bot an account or two, I'd suggest sticking to your home IP.
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    OSRS bots only work for OSRS while RS3/DS bots only work for RS3/DS. When you hover over the bot, along with the option to add it to the client there will be logos of the servers it can be used on.
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