RS3 Need some current botters opinions

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Will atleast one of my 6 accs succeed you think?

  1. Yes

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  2. Nah

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  3. KYS

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  1. Hey so I want to create few level 3 accs and just straight bot them to max melee on rs3, I do know spots that has no people in it but, im just want to ask around if that has any chance of succeeding,

    I remember when rune mate came out it was immune from bans for first 4 months so :p

    just want to know current situation

  2. Wait for Spectre and I'll put your chance on success high.
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  3. Dont bot from start. Train your skills for a few hours before you do

  4. when will it be coming out approximately?
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  5. I hope SOON :D
    Cant wait for spectre (y)
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  6. Whats spectre?
  7. You must be joking right? Everyone is talking about it. In case you're not joking, here:
    RuneMate 2.0 Spectre | Community | RuneMate

    Oh and let me save you some trouble, the answer is SOON!
  8. Lol, sweet, I honestly wasnt aware of this, im kind of new here.

    Edit: just got insta banned just after logging with runemate on a fresh account ( wasnt going to straight bot with it from lv1)

    Really looking foward to spectre lol
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  9. Doubt they survive the first day :(

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