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  1. I've been noticing a trend on Darkscape so far...

    In a lot of places (Draynor fishing spots/willows, Edgeville Bandits, Seers Flax), People are botting 24 hours a day for extended periods and people are saying that they are reporting them. I would say that they might actually be real players but they are in the same spots every time I bot at these places at any time of the day.

    So here's the question: how many hours a day are you botting and have you experienced any bans? Is Jagex just waiting for a massive ban wave or are they trying to keep the Darkscape population numbers up to draw attention?
  2. Just the start of a new type of Runescape. The bans will come, especially with how reckless most of the botters are. But for now it's good profit and it's free to bot on Jagex's side, so you're not losing anything if you get banned anyways.
  3. I've been botting in Darkscape (DS) since week 1, started with 3 accounts on the first week, now I have 10+. They are all still running and have not been banned yet. I leave them on for 24hrs or try to, if they don't bug out. In regards to the ban wave, yes Jagex is most likely going to have one, when? I don't know but have a look at this if you're interested enough -> https://www.runemate.com/community/threads/darkscape-ban-wave-other-ban-discussion.4015/

    About people seeming like they're real players chances are... they aren't. As of now half of the DS population are probably bots; not just level 3's but all levels (since combat is easy to bot and level up etc) and I think most people just can't be fucked grinding it any more (population seems to be slowly dying). The one notion that comes to mind is that if you can't beat the bots, you join them, which I found quite to be true when one of my clan mates decided to try botting and got addicted to it (even though I remember him saying he hated bots and was going to quit DS because of it).
    Obviously since DS has a zero ban rate right now, people are taking advantage of that and farming all the gold they possibly can and swapping over to RS07, RS3 or just keeping it in DS before the big ban wave.

    In regards to "Reporting Bots", lets be honest, it does sh*t all in darkscape and I doubt anybody has been banned for botting yet. I've seen the same guy at the same spot for several weeks now (good on him, would love to see his proggy haha) which proves my point even more.

    Keep on botting!
  4. I've gotten 80+ on multiple skills. Recently, been doing divination nonstop with a script bot I made for DS (Expect a release when I hit 99). Even with people calling me a bot and reporting me, no bans.
  5. What's the difference in divination between darkscape and rs3?
  6. what about ors ? o_O
  7. For darkscape you have to account for dying. AFAIK no RS3 scripts bots will have/need deathwalk for divination.
  8. I personally think that they are not banning to neutralize the market to have it a little bit more stable like im pretty sure what they did with osrs
  9. If you
    If you release a div bot will it have deathwalk?

    Ty based jax
  10. I don't think they're banning yet because they're still getting everything situated, but when it comes, be prepared.
  11. Apparently the recent Q&A by them said something about the anti-bot team working on something as soon as next week. I'm still suiciding until then though.
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  12. just got "your account has been involved in serious rule breaking". guessing that means im banned. luckily it was just a suicide account
  13. Got any information for us?

    How long did you bot? How often and what scripts bots were you using?
  14. i was just woodcutting. it was a new darkscape account but not rs account. it took about 1 day. only used maxi woodcutter for about 16 hours total.
  15. One of my bots jsut got ban!!!!!!!!
  16. Lvl 95wc banned on DS, was suicide and only had 1m on it left :)

    Used Pi Woodcutter, Maxi Woodcutter and Maxi Miner
  17. one of my accounts just got banned seems like they're rolling some out now.
  18. Seems like they have a ban wave going on.
  19. I just got a new ip v2 time now :)
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    I just got a new ip v2 time now :)
  20. 92 miner account banned on DS

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