Not to be bitching about a bot... but...

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  1. I got banned using Exia Miner AIO; not mad or anything... why should I be? I got caught with a bot. Though, I'd really like the author to update the bot maybe. I only used the thing for 3 hours and bam, next day I got a ban. I've only been using Runemate for about 7 hours botting... Spread out about 2 weeks; as I like playing the game and doing things rather than a bot (Sole reason of a bot... Do things for long periods of time you other wise don't want to be doing.)

    Just a question, is it the bot author that would make a player get detected or would it be the client itself?
  2. It would definitely be the script bot if you choose client or script bot. But it may be, that your ip is being watched. Or if you are using rs3 client atm, i would not advise that until Spectre comes out
  3. RS3 is "insta" ban right now.
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  4. Jagex are banning people left and right atm. Tbh, I'd just wait for Spectre.

    It's most likely the bot. The place you bot, time etc.. are also factors you have to consider.
  5. False. I can easily bot a week without bans. But the ban does come eventually.
  6. Thanks guy for the info. I was using one of the fighter bots for about 3 hours as well and no bans for days. Might there be a list of bots that are really safe to use that have a low ban rate? That'd be an awesome list to have. For future players.
  7. List of working bots for future players
    pick one
  8. Haha, I done did missed up. I meant for users that use the bot. My bad. XD
  9. Wait for Spectre with important accounts guys
  10. Hey guys i am new could someone quickly explain to me what spectre is?

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