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Discussion in 'RS3' started by Godric Hart, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Hello, last time I took a look into this I tried a few, not runemate as google wasn't my friend that day evidently but I want to ask, will I get instant bans like I have every other attempt at rs3 botting?
  2. I've had much more luck on RS3 than OSRS, just bot smart and you'll be okay.
  3. Any suggestions on 'safe' fighters, cutters ect? And I only bot 4-6 change locations, skills but I haven't had any luck so just creating an account to test the water.
  4. Any Alpha or Celestial scripts bots are good. Try them!
  5. Any bot which does the task you're after well should be sufficient, try this guide for botting safely. Also if you're botting on a brand new account I've heard the chances of you getting banned are significantly higher.
  6. Cheers guys.
  7. Been botting for few days, all good =)
  8. Oh nice, what are you botting?
  9. You're good to go on RS3, but OSRS... that's a whole 'nother story.
  10. see few months back I was told it was the other way around :/
  11. Well, you were probably told that on powerbot forums. It's still that way with RSBot, but RuneMate is a reliable mate. I would even trust it with my wife.
  12. tribot epicbot, powerbot. but yes so far 2 accounts from scratch, 120 total levels each yesterday, no bans this morning I'm impressed last time, I cut logs for twenty minutes, logged it out to update windows, rebooted tried to log in and insta ban
  13. Tribot is shit for RS3. Epicbot is a virus. Powerbot is plain and simple horrible.
  14. It's okay, I was borrowing a friends pc at that point, but did a fresh install of windows when I was finished with it. And everytime I see the signature I want to watch suits...

    Account one is training range, defence, fishing and cooking though I am doing the last two by hand while chatting to a friend.
    Account two is melee, an account I've had for a long time but never actually did anything with it.
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  15. Just don't bot melee in crowded areas. People might get annoyed resulting in frequent reports.
    Suits <3
  16. Yes <3 suits. And I am only botting melee in a completely dead area to get it up high enough so I dont look completely botlike when I start cutting or fishing or mining
  17. If you want to "train" herblore, magic (alch/superheat/enchant etc...), crafting or any skill where you can stand completely still, then go to Burthorpe w2.
  18. I was planning on it, just doing a bit of runespan for rc xp
  19. Just bot smart. Smart I mean breaks. Bot a couple hours and have a break/do a quest don't smash out 12-14+ hour sessions. Restart RS and do it all over again. You'll last 4 weeks max. Trust me from experience. Also the bot author and the script bot has very little to do with it. I was using haxagility and haxmagic for a week straight. Both great scripts bots but they both got me banned. Why? because I was botting 20+ hours a day
  20. I am, no more than 6 hours same skill. and no longer than 2 hours without a break to get food or something, though using a different ip when I turn one off I turn on the other.

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