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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by coolie, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, i just encountered this situtation and found out that my script bot is only runnning for 10 mins or 20 mins or so... is this normal or? ... Please let me know this real quick. I also need a a solution for this if this is not supposed to happen.

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    Post #22 by Arbiter, Jan 5, 2015
  3. Hey there, please tell us what script bot you were using, also, would be more helpful if you run bot with CMD so if there's any exception stack trace being printed we could see where's the problem.

    To run bot with CMD open notepad and write the following:
    Code (Text):
    1. java -jar RuneMate.jar
    2. pause
    Save it with any name with .bat file type on same bot jar folder and run it.
  4. It sounds like it's probably the fault of the bot you're running. If I were you I would try running a few different bots and seeing which ones work best.
  5. I run the bot : RuneMate.jar, i'll try running it with cmd. But could you mention the time that Runemate stays alive? Like how hours? @Cloud
  6. script bot*
  7. Actually it is bot indeed, "script bot" is just a bad term for it even though we use it a lot :p
  8. Its still not fixed, i tried opening it with CMD. But i found something useful here.
    This was the last log when the script bot stopped working :
    Your not in designated course area.
    Coordinate: [3005, 10362, 0], Course: Wilderness.
  9. That's dependent on the bot, not the client. Try running a different bot.
  10. So the script bot is damaged or needs to be fixed?
  11. And one more thing.... The script bot works completely fine until 20 mins or so, its an agility script bot it completes the course. Then how does it encounter a problem out of no-where?
  12. There's likely something it's not accounting for and because of that it is shutting down, or perhaps it's caused by your setup. Regardless it's something to do with the bot and not the client.
  13. Bot makes sense, because people normally refer to the actual bot as the client.
  14. Which script bot is this? is this your own? if so post your loop here

  15. yeah its mine. the loop is simple a task system executor
  16. oh shit
    ... wrong thread hahahaha i though you are reffering o me sorry hahahahahaha
  17. The script bot is of HaxAgility, Since cloud said that the problem is of the bot not the client. I tested another one called MaxiiBonFire. It ran for almost 1.30 hour or so and then stopped responding any reason why this is happening? @Cloud
  18. This is not a problem with the client (posting in client support means its a problem with the thing that runs all the scripts bots) but a problem with what is commonly called a script bot. You can find the thread for MaxiMonfires here:
    There, you can tell the creator of the script bot what happened and you can help him fix problems with his script bot if you find any.
  19. @coolie, Are you starting HaxAgility inside the course? If not then that's what's causing the problem, if you are then I'll have to have a look, although I don't remember changing any code in HaxAgility recently.
  20. @SlashnHax Yes, im starting the course inside the course and yes it seems to be working perfectly for about 10 mins or so, and then it suddently stops. I do remember that it stops after failing that lava jumping way.

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