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Discussion in 'General Market' started by Serene, Jun 14, 2016.

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  1. I'm open for requests! Payment depends on the bot, and support will be given to ensure they work. Accepting Paypal and 07RSGP.

    I also have a ton of them already made & ready to go. A list of private money making bots (or fast xp/hr bots) already written and available can be sent upon PM request (prices given there as well).

    Some examples of what I have already written include: Air orbs, wine of zammy, superglass making, plank making, AIO smither and more!

    Here's an example of the quality: (Youtube muted my video because they dont wanna see me shine. Play something cheery when you watch it).
    • Air orbs:
      • Makes 400k+ gp/hr, 30k mage xp/hr
      • Requires 66 magic.
    By purchasing a private bot from me, you agree to the following T.O.S.:
    • After the bot is completed & ready:
      • You agree to pay the amount agreed on, in full, before receiving unlimited access to it.
      • 30min-1hr windows are given for evaluation on the quality. (does it meet expectations, does it run, is it what I promised?) If there's a problem, let me know!
    • If circumstances arise preventing that the bot is able to be made in fully working condition within the time frame, no payment is necessary [you pay when you get the bot - don't worry about paying before :p]
    • You are entitled to frequent updates to keep the bot in working condition! This doesn't include asking for more features (please ask for these beforehand!) but you are more than welcome to ask for something to be implemented to improve the performance. They won't be required updates, but will definitely be kept in mind and possibly impelemented!
    • If I'm unable to provide you updates and the bot isn't functional, you will receive a refund proportional to the payment & remaining days of the current cycle [e.g. if it's 5m monthly and I can't provide updates after 14 days have passed, you will receive 2.5m back].
    • In the case of requesting a bot, agreeing to a price, and cancelling before completion:
      • If 50% of time has elapsed toward the expected completion date and the writing has already begun, you owe 50% of the promised payment - regardless if there is a finished product or not.
      • If the product is in fully functional condition, you owe the full price agreed upon. You will still receive the bot for the agreed timeframe.
    • Refunds are only given if the bot doesn't perform up to standards. If the bot isn't what you expected or you get banned, this isn't cause for a refund. That is what the trial window is for.
    • If payment is recurring (weekly, monthly), access will be revoked at the end of the last day (GMT-5:00) of the current billing cycle unless payment is paid on or prior to that day. Access will remain revoked until payment for the next cycle is given.
    • Prices may be subject to change.*
      • You will be notified of this before the next billing cycle starts :p and the change doesn't affect the current cycle
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  2. I would love to see a smithing bot.
    Bot opens bank, takes out bars, goes to anvil, makes item(bolt tips or whatever user selects) and then goes back to bank and repeat.
    Would pay for this.
  3. I'd like to see a smithing bot for al karid, or edgeville for cannonballs and steel bars
  4. Already available.

    pSmelt AIO

    (Unless you wanted a private version)
  5. :p *facepalm* welp slap me now
  6. PM'ed you.
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    Open now!
  7. I would really like this air orbs bot. I do have a couple small suggestions though.
    Open bank. Take out 78 cosmic runes. Take out 1 charged glory. Take out "All" unpowered orbs. close bank. Run to obelisk. Power all orbs. Right click charged glory > rub. Select Edgeville. go to the edgeville bank. repeat.
    The bot would need to find any charged glory, weather it be (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) or (6) and take that one.
    Taking out a stamina potion is interesting but I dont see how well that would work, if it can properly detect if you're low energy.
  8. Glory usage is already implemented, just not used in the video :p
    Staminas are optional via UI choice. You don't have to use them but they help in keeping the bars/hour high as opposed to either running out of energy, or using energy potions at bank (would take longer to bank doing this). You'd use a right around 100% energy even with graceful on for the trip to the obelisk, staminas just help to make sure you don't run out and end up walking.
  9. Are you able to write for rs3 too?
  10. Only doing OSRS for now. I might take a look into rs3 in the future ;)
  11. super interested in a hunter bot if you have one
  12. Pm'd you.
  13. Good luck. Of course donations to the platform that makes this all possible are always appreciated.
  14. Thanks for the bot. Great quality, very well made. Would recommend to anyone looking for a private bot.
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  15. If you start looking into RS3, please let me know. Also goodluck!
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  16. Works insanely great! Definitely recommended!
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