Bug UI not loading whilst deployed to svn

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    There seems to be a problem with the interface loading - Locally it loads up fine with no problems at all.

    This is the error:


    This is the UserInterface class:

    This is the Manifest:

    This is the path of the file in the svn:


    Should the path include the mitch1/src ? Or is this set up causing some strange issues? Currently mitch1/src contains 3 bots - Is this what others have?

    Any ideas?
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    I received one response on the bot thread indicating:

    "To answer your question, your code seems fine to me... Are you sure the resources are actually in the SVN (and that the path is correct)?"

    #2dahnae, Yesterday at 2:21 PM

    So to answer that: I have posted the fxml file here, not sure on what part of the path is needed to load it though.
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