Suggestion WARNING!! Do Not Click Link!

Discussion in 'Site Support' started by LBTRAD, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. Same person was spamming links all over TopBot and got IP banned yesterday... The idea is to say they are bring a trade limit into Runescape when they are not. Do not click the link he sends you as it will then ask you to login and you will then lose your Runescape account.


    Have you guys heard the latest news in regarding the fight against RWT'ers. They're thinking of re-introducing the old 25k trade limit into both RS3 and OldSchool Runescape, remember to VOTE NO! (LINK)
  2. Did you get the message through your email?

    All of his messages on the forums were deleted. :)
  3. Yes sorry didnt see the thread before hand... Thus I made this thread... I will be honest I only just checked my email and saw the message there.
  4. That's no problem buddy, thanks for tipping us off. I deleted everything he said/posted on the forums, but I have no control about the email part so I'll talk to Arbiter and try to figure something out for that.

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