What is everybody's preferred bot?

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  1. Hi,

    From recent events of the client detection, what is people's preferred bottling client? What do people feel the safest using at this current time?
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  2. Botted countless hours of Curly roots (550k fming xp hr) also did Barbarian fishing, managed a 18hour proggy. I believe that if you play legit alongside botting you're fine. Try botting in less populated areas, or in a high concentration of people doing the same activity of you. I don't believe the client is detected, just people botting silly things.
  3. With bot do you mean bot like MaxiFisher or client like RuneMate?
  4. Sorry I meant client
  5. Its obviously runemate BECAUSE WE ARE ON FREAKING RUNEMATE
  6. thats not true I'm on both powerbot and runemate, how would you know which client i prefer?
  7. RuneMate, because RSBot is shit.
  8. None of them atm, Osbuddy - Ban, TopBot = ban, Runemate, Im testing now but I expect it = Ban lol. I think its a lot to do with the script bot youre using rather than the client though. I use free scripts bots that have thousands of users, Must make it way easier to detect.
  9. For 99% of the botting community a bot is still the client :)
    We are just special and see the "scripts bots" as bots :)

    Don't worry.
    Atm i would stick with RM if i were you :)

    The amount of users does not really matter :)
    If there are 150k players online on rs then 100 users of a script bot (at the same time) do not matter.
    Also thanks to the Clouse Mouse you do not have to worry about having the same patterns as other RM users :) just don't forget to also play legit once in a while.
  10. Does pking count? I prefer to bot everything and only pk/buy things
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    I quoted wrong thing, My mistake.

    Regards, B9
  11. Yes it counts :)
  12. I like this client alot it's kinda buggy sometimes but I like it!
  13. I really hope this is the bot that lets me get my basic stats without ban lol
  14. Just don't bot tutorial island...
  15. Yeah, I didn't :)
  16. I bot 6-8 hours daily and play legit, haven't been banned on my main EVER since using runemate for about 6 months or so
  17. Keep on getting banned using Pi Chopper 1-60. Full legit tutorial island and verified email. Accounts had things done legit other than wc
  18. RuneMate is the better c:
  19. Wait for spectre <3
  20. Hasta la vista Jagex xD
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