Resolved When viewing a thread, the page "reloads" infinitely

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Salvation, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. On seemingly random occasion, the thread I am viewing keeps triggering my browser's reload icon.

    This is not actually a reload though, and my experience is not interrupted, but it is annoying to see and it affects the scrolling performance on the page.

    I guess some requests are being fired continuously, but I forgot to debug this. Will do this next time I see this issue.

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    Post #13 by Arbiter, May 19, 2016
  3. @Salvation I highly believe this is the FaceBook like button on the bottom of the page. That's the part that keeps refreshing (blinking) when I experience the same thing as you mentioned above.
  4. Since I use Opera, and you use Chrome, we cannot yet rule out a browser-specific issue, as they both run on the same Blink engine.
    I do however use the following extension: uBlock Origin
  5. Figured it out for me - It is the Facebook "Like" button at the bottom of each page in the "Share This Page" section.

    Deleting the element in Chrome immediately stops it from happening.

    @Salvation hope this helps buddy

  6. I've already mentioned this to @Arbiter, but the lazy fucker said he was waiting for people to complain about it so :p
  7. @Arbiter 3's a crowd.

    We pay we say. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  8. WE

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    Any update on this? It seems to be getting worse for me...
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  9. Why the fuck do we even have this like button ffs. No body would like this page with his irl account, and its common knowledge that facebook spies on pages with that button.

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  11. Should be resolved.
  12. So confident marks own post as solution.


    And yes, I haven't noticed any issues tonight so you can keep your solution point ;)
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    I take that back; still getting it. Although seems less frequent now:


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