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Dec 23, 2015
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Damn the new 64bit update makes VisualRM even better. Massive project now possible without crashes Aug 1, 2021

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Jun 3, 2023 at 1:28 PM
    1. canuto
      Hello, I would like to know what has happened with the visual updates? I have a bot that I have not been able to fix due to missing components on the nodes
    2. Thoup
      Hi!! I was hoping you could post a tutorial on how to use VisualRM! It looks really simple and straight forward but I have no idea how to assign or link any commands!! A tutorial would be lovely!! Thanks !
    3. MATTW3R
      Is VisualRM dead now? it was my favorite bot to play with.

    4. Pirus
      Hello tyb, Visual RM is propably no longer compatibile with newest javaFX that RuneMate is using, and there is a lot of visual bugs on interface (missing "value" drop lists, missing MS slider on starting node, etc.). Are you planning to update that? I really enjoyed this bot even as thing to play around beaside of RS.
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    5. FoknBrah
      please update kourend library script
    6. Starscream
      Having an issue with the library rc bot. Works for about a minute then shuts down because of a memory leak. Would be grateful for an update when possible. Thank you :)
    7. Overn1ght
      Sup buddy. Do your visualRM also works on rs3?
      1. tyb51
        It works from the days RS3 was supported by runemate. As long as runemate doesn't revive RS3 support, VRM won't work!
        Oct 16, 2021
    8. Triage
      Came back after a long hiatus from osrs, surprised to see you still updating VisualRM. Wonderful bot <3
    9. tyb51
      Damn the new 64bit update makes VisualRM even better. Massive project now possible without crashes
    10. tyb51
      I'm up to make some VisualRM videotutorials. What features are you interested in learning?
      1. RSMasterGuard
        Having tried to figure this out myself I think the best approach would be module focused on smaller parts to make a larger bot. So for example how to do navigation, interaction, banking and slowly build up complexity. Another option is building a few tutorials of increasing complex bots.
        Jul 13, 2021
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      2. Flextroci
        How to max in 1 week
        Jul 15, 2021
      3. ggruumpyy
        a tutorial showing how to traverse would be amazing like running to the bank thats not in screen view and back to where you was cutting wood/hunting or whatever
        Jan 7, 2022
      Hey mate, new to the VisualRM. Having a bit of a tough time getting my head around how to map all the pieces together and what not, not sure if I am doing it properly
      1. proxi
        Jul 12, 2021
    12. Throwawayaccount2
      Visualrm has a really tought time clicking on anvils, since the game object is quite small the bot has a really tough time being confident in the click, it often hovers the space around the anvil.
      1. Throwawayaccount2
        Also can we have a fixed camera mode, that will disable the camera from moving and/or reset camera position to a specific angle give or take some degree?
        May 28, 2021
      2. Throwawayaccount2
        Finally I would love a way for the bot to work in instanced areas. Since instanced areas have their coords change, simply getting the coords won't work with how its implemented now.
        May 29, 2021
    13. MonsterMadness
      Hey, can you take a look to update your kourend library script?
    14. Throwawayaccount2
      Also could there be a way to enable using Esc to close the bank interface, the less movement and clicks the better.
      1. Throwawayaccount2
        This has already been solved by using a bank interface action node and using the close option and forcing keybind.
        Feb 24, 2021
    15. Throwawayaccount2
      Can you shed some light, sometimes when I start visualrm it shows a timer which I find useful so i know when I'm entering a new hour but other times the timer isn't there. It might be only for the dev visualrm but could you add this to the bot visualrm so I know when im about to be charged.
    16. MonsterMadness
      Hey, can you take a look to update your kourend library script?
      1. tyb51
        I will take a look at it this weekend
        Jan 8, 2021
    17. tyb51
      VisualRM is again working on the bot store
    18. tyb51
      VisualRM appears to keep having issues launching on the botstore... I'm inclined to revert all changes to the previous working version.
    19. tyb51
      The latest update for VisualRm has a bug causing it to crash on startup. A fix is already in queue. Just waiting for an admin to push.
      1. Aidden
        The update has been pushed.
        Oct 6, 2020
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    20. tyb51
      Check out the new Atlas Kourend Library bot available on the botstore. Ez Arceuus favour or amazing and free magic or runecrafting xp
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