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Finish Arceuus favor, train your mage pure or get great runecrafting xp.

- Advanced pathing
- Support for both Books and Dark manuscripts
- Stamina potions supported
- Banking for stamina pots supported
- Complete custom themed UI
- Unique and fun skill tracker
- Easy but powerful breaking system.

- Access to Zeah and Kourend Library

How to use:
  • Use OSRS in Fixed Mode
  • Start in the Kourend Library (anywhere, although preferable in the lobby)​
  • Select strategies:​
  • Book retrieval:
    • Scout: While traversing the library pick up all books you don't already own on the way to your order​
    • Single: Only Pick up book you are looking for​
  • Dark manuscript:
    • Skip: Avoid Manuscripts
    • Fetch hint when passing by: When passing by Biblia fetch a hint and pick up manuscripts only by hint
    • All: While traversing the library check all possible locations for Dark manuscripts without getting a hint
    • Fetch hint: Continuously fetches hint when no hint available (if you only want to farm Dark Manuscripts)
  • Select Skill to train:
    • Either magic or runecrafting
- Banking for Stamina potions
- Implementing Custom web to avoid finicky pathing
- New techniques: stock up books with imp boxes: Woox style
- Any feature on request.​
First release
Last update
3.11 star(s) 45 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Atlas Kourend Library v2.0.2 Released!

    Atlas Kourend Library updated to v2.0.2. - Fixed reliability issues with unnecessary library...
  2. Atlas Kourend Library v2.0.1 Released!

    Atlas Kourend Library updated to v2.0.1.
  3. Atlas Kourend Library v2.0.0 Released!

    Atlas Kourend Library updated to v2.0.0.

Latest reviews

doesnt work need refund
doesnt work
Bot doesnt work for more than a couple minutes. you can manually start it and it might not get stuck for a book or two but mostly itll find its way back to the centre to afk and do nothing
Currently the bot just doesn't work.

In the past, it worked like a charm and i'm unsure how it broke. If it can get back to normal this is a (minimum) 4* review. The interface/menu could use a touch up but it's not that hard to set up.
the bot works until you claim the rewards, this is when it shuts down. Still not fixed and no refund provided for the countless times I tried to get it to work. Charged more than a few times just running it for 1 second. Piss pour communication from the author too.
Tried it 3 or 4 more times whilst tweaking different settings and making sure everything aligned with the pre-requisites of using the bot, to no avail. I have no idea how you're charging money for this bot. Either finds one book and starts clicking the same bookcase over and over or randomly starts idling in the lobby of the library for no reason whatsoever.
it work good
Just ran this to get 100% favour in Arceuus and it ran really smoothly. Got some juicy xp as well.
Works great, 100 favour in no time
Full speed ahead!! - Quick bot, doesn't waste time, good navigation and feels highly optimised