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  1. tyb51
    NOTE: This is the lite version of VRM. This version includes unlimited development time, but is currently restricted to 7h of runtime (unpaused) a week. If you like the bot or would like to support me you can use VisualRM [BOT] for unlimited use at $0.05/h.

    Visual RM - Advanced bot making for you


    VisualRM is the newest, most advanced node based bot developing framework available on any botting platform. With an easy to learn, hard to master approach, a blooming community and endless possibilities you'll be creating YOUR bots in no time.

    • Integrated online repository for community bots:
      • Browse dozens of bots and download them from within the bot. No need to reload.
      • Create and share your own bots to thousands of other users
    • [SOON] Integrated developer tools useful for both creating bots with VRM as well as for seasoned devs developing in code. Developing will also provide an overlay highlighting entities in game.
    • Visual debugging highlighting your logic flow. Easy and accessible problem solving without looking at endless lines of a debug log.
    • [SOON] Mouse overlay highlighting your mouse location.
    • Integrated advanced caching solutions for optimal performance.
    • Access to advanced queries for more experienced users.
    • Variable based approach which allows changing values once to effect the whole bot.
    • Local save and loading of your bots in easy to share .json format
    • Multiple mouse path generators and mouse speeds options for your specific needs.
    • Creating bots is as simple as drag, drop, and linking nodes.
    • As of v0.2.2 all round ★★★★★ rating

    • Having to many nodes and the client is lagging out?
      • First try to restart the RM client. A good practice is to try and launch RM only once or twice. Due to some memory issues, a reset of the client is advised to reset the memory usage
      • Secondly (ADVISED!): Increase the memory usage of runemate by editiong the .vmoptions file
        • go to the RM install directory: (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\RuneMate)
        • Option the RuneMate.vmoption file with your a texteditor.
        • After the # lines add e.g. -Xmx1024m to set the maximum memory usage to 1024mb.

    How does it work?
    • Start by creating a few variable in the designated variable tab. These variables are virtual objects you can give a name of your liking. Each variable is assigned a value and a type. Depending on the type you want to assign e.g. a name, number, ability, etc...
    • By dragging and dropping nodes, each representing predefined game conditions, you can create a logic chain which ultimately results in an action.
    • This way of creating logic is called a LogicTree. Every (logic-)branch consist of several condition statements which eventually grow up to an action-leaf. An ingame example would be:
      • Player animating --false--> Inventory contains Logs --true--> Interaction: Light logs
    • There is no scripting required but VRM provides several levels of complexity which are optional for every developer to use. You can create simple bots with just the name and action of the object, but can develop advanced bots which evaluate internal states of the objects (via queries)

    Join us on either the forum here, on runemate slack (#visualrm) or on our new community website:
    It contains tutorials on how to get started, has an online browser of the current repository, provides information on the various nodes and has an online forum to share and request bots and to discuss whatever you want.

    Bug reports and feature request:
    VisualRM - bug report tracker

    Community bot requests:
    VisualRM - bot requests

    [OUTDATED] Tutorials and guides are coming: for some simple starting information I refer to a message I sent to someone asking for some information to make a Thieving bot.

    Guides and tutorials are coming soon and better information

Recent Reviews

  1. Rafael Blanco Monroy
    Rafael Blanco Monroy
    I dont know how to use it, and the online supports is not working for copy paste the scripts
    1. tyb51
      Author's Response
      You can follow the video guide on the website, or try to understand based on the expansive repo. Just keep trying and you'll figure it out
  2. dpjsdm
    Online repository seems to be down.
    1. tyb51
  3. isandmargus
    All perfect.
  4. ShitWaffle.wav
    A way to directly enter mouse coordinates to klick etc. would be awesome!
  5. omgdudeok
    Small learning curve for people who have some programming experience. Very responsive and interactive. Extremely impressed to be honest.

    One major thing I'd love to see is some guides for more in-depth applications. The online repository was helpful, but a lot of things just took hours of trial and error. I won't take rating off for that because the application itself runs flawlessly.
  6. Khal_Arkos
    slight learning curve and I haven't gotten into the more complicated stuff. But I was able to make a very stable powerminer on the spot! Great job to these guys! I'll be getting premium most likely.
  7. saulipuikko
  8. Ebolaman1991
    A bit of a learning curve, but once you gain an understanding of all the different actions and things it's really easy to use. I made myself a small power mining script and it's fantastic, earning 10k more XP per hour than manual clicking!

    Cannot recommend enough!
  9. aprillian
    That was fun! Got to create something of my own that actually worked! Used the full trial time mining gold ore and no ban yet :)
  10. czop1
    With new GUI in game bot cant deposit in bank. I dont know how to do it