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Uses tick manipulation to achieve the highest possible hunter experience rate.

Key features:
  • Supports all locations - beware this bot will work for black chinchompas, but won't avoid getting killed!
  • Supports all sorts of 3 tick item combinations - see below for an overview
  • Supports Celastrus bark and knife for 4 tick trap resets
  • Will clean a herb or switch item combination when necessary
  • Intelligent crash prevention - will confuse the crasher rather than get confused!
  • Box traps - I recommend bringing a few extra!
  • 3 tick item combination - see below
  • (Optional) Celastrus bark and knife - requires 40 fletching

This bot can use any 3 tick item combination listed in the image below. Additionally, Celastrus bark in combination with a knife can be used to start 4 tick cycles for even quicker trap resets!

Please note that this bot requires low latency (lag, ping) and a stable connection to perform optimally, so I recommend finding yourself a stable world with low ping.
First release
Last update
4.10 star(s) 21 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 1 Tick Hunter Mate v2.0.7 Released!

    1 Tick Hunter Mate updated to v2.0.7.
  2. 1 Tick Hunter Mate v2.0.6 Released!

    1 Tick Hunter Mate updated to v2.0.6.
  3. 1 Tick Hunter Mate v2.0.5 Released!

    1 Tick Hunter Mate updated to v2.0.5.

Latest reviews

Cracker bot, insane exp and great for irons to hoard chins for range training. Only thing that would make this an 11/10 would be a break handler - Surely this can be implemented easily? <3
amazing script. 175k/h with 90hunter botting for 20hours straight no complains
For anyone wondering about Celastrus bark... It seems you have to have a 3 tick method and Celastrus in your inventory for it to start. Great Bot overall
Correct, celastrus bark is a 4 tick cycle. it's an addition to the 3 tick cycle. :)
great bot would love it if you can add break handler
45 minutes from 99 hunter. did 64-80 and 90-99 with this bot. only fails 3t on lag, not the bots problem. A break handler/stop timer would be nice for a .12c/hr bot, but other than that it functions perfectly and is worth using.
Works perfect averaging 120k xp/hr with mid 70's hunter. Only thing that could make this bot better is if you had imp-in-box setting to bank at certain intervals and some kind of break settings. still a great bot otherwise! 10/10
great bot. works well. easily 150k+ xp .. ran multiple times now and it has only shut down once. maybe a runemate issue? otherwise its good, although it doesnt register the celastrus bark in my invy so the 4-tick does not work as advertised. Guam and teaks both tested and work.
what makes you think it doesn't "register" your bark? please contact me through discord or dm so we can clear things up
Ran flawless for an hour doing chins. Was managing ~150k/hr with a hunter level in the high 80's.
Okay just recently started using this bot . Prime must've fixed something because now it is working pretty good. The only problem I see with the bot is now once its placed down one of the traps its clicking too early to 'check' the next one. So its doing the first check action before placing down the first trap and the second check action is slightly delayed since the bot has a cool down each action. Other than that, its getting me about 75k/h with high 70's in hunter. Oh and the bot got me the chin pet early af, thanks!
Should be getting more than that, and that issue should be a non-factor. Could be a latency issue, so check your connection. You could also try increasing your mouse multiplier in the runemate settings.
It does not work. It gets stick in tick cycle and does nothing else.