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Kills Phosani's Nightmare for a chance at some massive rewards!

  • This bot requires a Drakan's medallion for traversal
  • A spare Drakan's medallion is required for death walk, so make sure you have one in the bank
  • All of the equipment loadouts in the settings are required - use the wiki or join the Discord to optimize your loadouts
  • Preferably start the bot near a bank, with your stats fully restored
Key features:
  • Capable of completing every single combat achievement
  • Intelligent movement system to deal the most and take the least damage
    • Keeps track of all dangerous positions (shadows, spores, nightmare's grasp, nightmare's charge, blossoms)
    • Blazing fast pathing to avoid and/or pass dangerous positions and reach the target
  • Optionally switches to blood fury below a customizable health threshold for efficient healing
  • Can kill sleepwalkers during the final phase of the fight, sacrificing some kill time for less (or no) damage taken
  • Can use the blowpipe special attack on sleepwalkers below a customizable health threshold to heal up
  • Minimizes ring switches when using a lightbearer for totems for maximum special attack energy regeneration
  • Perfect protection prayers against the nightmare
  • Perfect protection prayers against husks
  • Perfect offensive prayers
  • Intelligent eating behavior
  • Autocasts regular and arceuus combat spells
  • Support for all applicable equipment
  • Recharges your powered staff
  • Can summon thralls for that extra damage boost
  • Can use death charge for extra special attack energy
  • Utilizes your rune pouch - or not, if you don't have or need one
  • Traversal using Drakan's medallion - unlocks and uses the Slepe teleport when available
  • Uses food dropped by the nightmare to extend the trip
  • Restores your stats at your POH or at the bank using consumables
  • Death handling - recovers your items and continues
  • Break and stop handling
  • Automatically saves your settings for the next sessions thanks to DefaultUI
Use the wiki to optimize your setup: Phosani's Nightmare/Strategies

Need more help? Join the RuneMate discord for the quickest support.
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4.88 star(s) 49 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Phosani's Nightmare Mate v2.0.18 Released!

    Phosani's Nightmare Mate updated to v2.0.18.
  2. Phosani's Nightmare Mate v2.0.17 Released!

    Phosani's Nightmare Mate updated to v2.0.17.
  3. Phosani's Nightmare Mate v2.0.16 Released!

    Phosani's Nightmare Mate updated to v2.0.16.

Latest reviews

Been using this bot mostly since starting runemate. It recieves constant updates, has many features to run the bot to your liking and gear, great customization, never once has the bot gotten stuck on me. 10/10, best pnm out there
I had a few issues with the script but defeat3d was working on an update in the background. Since the update there's been like 7 revisions in 2 days fine tuning it and now is running smooth as butter. He's also been super helpful and patient in the discord helping out with user error.
Love this bot works perfectly. Only complaint is that it auto puts your magic spell on long range so if youre using it on a one defense account and not paying attention to it itll level youre defense. Is there anyway to get that adjusted and also it needing the draken medallion makes using this bot on a pure difficult. Thanks
you dont gain experience from attacking totems, so no, your defence will never level up
This is now the best phosani bot that I have seen. The developer addressed the final phase tanking issue and added the ability to kill walkers instead.
Ran, However, would be a good ideal for a set up breakdown. cheers.
It's gewd. Just need a friggin drop to make it worth it. hehe
flawless bot but 20c an hour is abit steep. not really worth 20c an hour but still solid bot nice work.
i don't think .20/hour for a flawless bot for a 4m/hour complex boss is that steep

thank you for the rating!
This is so impressive and easy to use
No bans after A LOT of time ran, I think jagex just wants people to bot NM. Either way, bot at .20/h is too expensive to run unless you're an iron and desperate. GREAT bot for what it is, and highly recommended. Just too expensive.
on average you'll make 4m/hour doing phosani (at 6 kills an hour), that 4m will sell for at least 65 cents
it good