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Phosani's Nightmare Mate 1.2.5

Sweet dreams are made of this.

  1. Defeat3d
    Attention all Oldschool Runescape players! Are you constantly defeated by Phosani's Nightmare? In search of a fully automated, sophisticated solution to crush this boss? Your search ends here! Presenting - Phosani Mate - the ultimate bot for killing Phosani's Nightmare.

    Phosani Mate is crafted with precision, ensuring maximum efficiency and zero game tick wastage. With the comprehensive suite of features listed below, mastering Phosani's Nightmare will be a breeze!
    • Perfect prayer handling using Direct Input: Phosani Mate flawlessly flicks both protective and offensive prayers using Direct Input, preserving your prayer points and optimizing attack efficiency.
    • Rapid equipment switching: Phosani Mate swiftly switches equipment using Direct Input, ensuring optimal gear use for various combat situations.
    • Intelligent grasping claw evasion: The bot smartly evades the deadly grasping claws, maintaining both safety and effective attacking distance.
    • Spore avoidance: Phosani Mate maneuvers around spores strategically, keeping you in the clear and focused on your target.
    • Proactive Parasite handling: The bot is always ready to exterminate Parasites before they emerge, preventing any potential damage or healing.
    • Reactive Husk handling: Phosani Mate is quick to recognize Husk spawn, ensuring timely response to this potential threat.
    • Charge attack handling: The bot reacts promptly to charge attacks, minimizing damage and maintaining combat momentum.
    • Ghost Thrall support: Phosani Mate commands the Greater Ghost Thrall to augment your damage output significantly.
    • Wide range of supported equipment: Choose your preferred gear! Phosani Mate is compatible with any equipment, requiring only a charged staff for Totems and any form of ranged for Sleepwalkers.
    • Wide range of supported potions and food: Phosani Mate supports a comprehensive list of consumables, including Divine super combat, Super restore, Sanfew serum, and Relicym's balm. It also supports most types of food.
    • Heart support: If you own a Saturated or Imbued heart, Phosani Mate uses it intelligently for maximum benefit.
    • Intelligent looting: Phosani Mate strategically picks up and utilizes consumables dropped by the boss for succeeding kills.
    • Death walk: In case of death, Phosani Mate retrieves your items and resumes from where you left off, saving you valuable time.

    With Phosani Mate, you're not only equipped to take down the Nightmare but also perfectly poised to complete every combat achievement, including "Can't Wake Up", "I Would Simply React", "Perfect Phosani's Nightmare" and "Phosani's Speedrunner". Your journey to becoming a Nightmare conquering champion starts here!

    Unleash the power of Phosani Mate with our free one-hour trial today! Run the bot for up to an hour every three days, providing ample time to familiarize yourself with its potent features and understand how it can take your boss battles to new heights. Don't miss out on this opportunity to try the ultimate Phosani's Nightmare-killing bot.

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Recent Reviews

  1. happieee
    Version: 1.2.5
    bot works very well with very consistent kills, only downside with the bot is looting, i have ground items plugin turned off but after getting slepey tablet drop the bot teleports out without looting it which sucked. and it doesnt seem to loot sanfew/sara brew drops either. other than that the kills are very smooth and seems to loot everything else. hopefully looting issue is fixed and i can change to 5 stars :)
    1. Defeat3d
      Author's Response
      rest assured that the tablet is used as soon as you received it, which is why you might think it never picked it up

      non stackable lower value drops are looted after the last kill of the trip rather than during the trip
  2. FixYaAppliances
    Version: 1.2.2
    The bot kills Phosani, makes mistakes once in a while which is a good thing, but it won't pick up items off the ground for some reason after drop. I have ignore set to 0gp and still it won't pick anything up, meaning I have to unfortunately babysit the bot while it does the kills to manually loot after pausing. Once the issue is resolved I will update my rating.
    1. Defeat3d
      Author's Response
      There's no issue on the bot's end there. You most likely have the ground items plugin enabled on RuneLite (which RuneMate tells you explicitly to disable), which changes the menu actions of ground items.
  3. MaleTail
    Version: 1.2.1
    The bot is great when my internet is great it consistently gives kills.
    Reasons for 4/5:

    Occasionally hits mushrooms - I haven't seen it hit them during totem phase since I dialed in my trident range settings, however occasionally when attacking phosani, will dodge holes and immediately attack phosani getting dragged into mushrooms by jagex pathing instead of pathing safely then attacking the boss. = -.5 stars

    Doesn't support dosing stamina for run to pool/deathwalk - without slepe tablet obtained yet this significantly affects the run time to boss and therefore kills/hour

    that said, this bot is incredible. with 82 att 87 str and 85 magic, like i said, it kills the bot flawlessly except for my own internet issues that happen sometimes, my fault not the bots. it is shockingly good. If great internet/high stats 100% this bot is worth while using. even with my shiternet and low stats i still plan to camp it for the next 30-40 hours
  4. Robbie Jensen
    Robbie Jensen
    Version: 1.1.15
    This bot is outstanding, the amount of kills that you are able to get using this bot is amazing,

    There are a couple of things that you need to check before you are able to run this bot successfully. These include server ping etc.
    But other then that, this bot is amazaing
  5. Gunkerrr
    Version: 1.1.11
    Im new to botting tbh. Is there a setup guide wich i can use to make the bot go flawless ?
    1. Defeat3d
      Author's Response
  6. rickrossety
    Version: 1.1.11
    nice bot but isnt the piety flicking net verry detectable?
    1. Defeat3d
      Author's Response
      This bot has been going undetected since release.
  7. robocutiepie
    Version: 1.1.11
    This bot is great but needs some tweeks to be excellent. Here are my notes after 300 kills with this bot:
    bot takes dmg from husk phase sometimes, during totem phases bot runs into spores (with sang or toxic staffs), during final fight phase the bot does not use piety for the two specs, inquisitor mace does not work well with this bot- timing is off or something (better luck with bludgeon and less damage taken), bot does not pickup sanfew potion drops to use during kills, bot locks up when nightmare dashes during totem phase slowing kills down, sometimes when parasite breaks out of chest the bot clicks on it too early then has to click it again- sometimes leads to extra damage taken.
    All in all great bot just needs a few tweaks. Also would be nice to have sarabrews added to food options since nightmare drops them and could lead to longer trips. Prior to getting sleepy tablet this would be very helpful.
    1. Defeat3d
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the feedback, however some of your points are invalid.

      The bot definitely does not run into spores during totem phases, perhaps you have your range set incorrectly (is your staff on long range? The bot has an option to forcefully set your staff to long range). The bot does use piety during special attacks. Important to note that when using voidwaker, the color of the experience drop does not change because it gives magic experience. Inquisitor mace works perfectly fine and has the exact same speed as bludgeon. The bot also doesn't lock up during totem phase charge attacks, this was changed a few updates ago.

      I don't like adding support for brews because they require restores, and the bot barely loses any prayer points at all. It's simply more effective to bring normal food as it also doesn't cause you to use more boosting potions.
  8. Etedris
    Version: 1.1.11
    Shit is A+ Anyone complaining make sure you follow the setup guide, make sure your camera is scrolled out.
  9. TobiasG
    Version: 1.1.11
    Unfortunately, it will tell me in the loot tab that I am getting Inquis gear drop, because it's what I'm using. However, I sadly have not. lol

    Excellent script, very smooth. I die sometimes, IDK why, but it's good
  10. Jack Meyeroff
    Jack Meyeroff
    Version: 1.1.9
    I use the hag crusher bot daily, if you READ the instructions and follow them, you'll likely have no issues. Overall, don't come in expecting your rng to print you 1B within 100kc, but if it does good on you.