ApexCrabber PRO 1.5.9

The proper way of dealing with crabs.

  1. proxi
    ApexCrabber PRO - Variety of features available. Sand and Rock Crabs supports. AFK or Active playstyles.

    • Screen Options:
      • Resizable with Maximize (Legacy or EOC)
      • Fixed (Legacy)
    • Start bot with player located in desired crab area
    • Enable Banking and choose the desired food and/or potions you'd like to use along with their quantity.
    • Select crab location and playstyle in GUI
      • Playstyles are detailed later
    • Select all desired settings in Anti-Ban and Settings tabs
    • Press start
    Use at your own discretion.


    Crab Locations:
    • Fremennik/Rellekka (Rock Crabs)
    • Zeah Shore (Sand Crabs)
    • Zeah Crab Island (Sand Crabs)
    • Sand Crab (Crab Claw Cave)
    • King Sand Crab (North Crab Claw Cave)
    • King Sand Crab (South Crab Claw Cave)
    • Port Phasmatys East & West (Swamp Crabs)
    • Slepe (Swamp Crabs)
    • Fossil Island (Ammonite Crabs)
    Area Details:
    Zeah Shore:

    Fremennik Shore:

    Port Phasmatys (East and West):


    Fossil Island:

    • Active
      • Will actively run around the crab area, activating crabs and attacking them. This playstyle does not take other players into account and does not support world hopping.
    • Stand Still
      • The exact opposite of the Active playstyle. Using this will lock the player to the coordinate they have entered in the GUI. This playstyle typically provides the most XP/Hr as the user can choose a location that has 3 or 4 crabs around a single coordinate. This playstyle pairs very well with world hopping, which is triggered by the player trigger threshold.
    • Spot Hop
      • This playstyle involves your player jumping around to various preset 'hotspot' locations where you can attack multiple crabs at once. The bot only moves location if the player threshold (provided in the setup process) is exceeded, it will then proceed to finding the spot with the least amount of players in it. World Hopping is disabled with this playstyle.

    • Bank from nearly all locations
      • Traversal to and from Sand Crab Island is supported, provided that user has 10K gp in their bank
    • Food and potions are supported and are retrieved automatically when the inventory is out of one (or both) of them when banking is enabled.

    • Melee Combat
    • Ranged Combat
      • Supports the pickup of thrown items (knives, darts, etc.)
      • Supports the pickup of quiver items (arrows, bolts, etc.)
      • Highly recommend Accumulator
    • Magic Combat
      • Start with plenty of runes in your inventory to last your entire botting session. The bot will no longer bank them when getting food.
    • Supports the following potions:
      • Super Attack, Strength, Defence, Combat
      • Normal Attack, Strength, Defence, Combat, Ranged
      • Zamorak Brew
      • Divine Super Combat, Attack, Strength, Defence
    • Special Attack support
      • User must turn this on in GUI settings. The bot will periodically check if a special attack is available, and if so, use it

    • World Hop
      • Only available in the StandStill Playstyle
      • The bot will world hop when the player threshold has been met or exceeded.
    • Health Tolerance
      • The bot will heal the player once the player's health is below a threshold generated by the user-provided health tolerance. This threshold is regenerated after every successful heal action.
      • Ex: If the user enters 25% as their health tolerance, the bot will choose a threshold in the range of 17.5% and 32.5%, and regenerates a value once a successful heal action occurs.
    • Skill Tolerance
      • Potions will now be used (Drink action) when the players current skill is less than 10% over their base skill.
    • Intelligent web walking logic
      • Generated paths are saved for future use, therefore paths are not always being created during each traversal task
    • Supports all ApexBot features
      • Anagogic Ort pickup (RS3)
      • Seren Spirit (RS3)
      • Run enabler
      • Anti-Ban Resting
      • Improved Interaction logic
    • Random Camera turns with Middle-Mouse click and Keyboard
    • Hover over random NPC within the area
    • Random delays to actions
    • Hover over random and future crabs in Active or SpotHop playstyles
    • Upon level-up, bot will click on the skill as if the user was checking the new unlocks
    • Hover over random game objects within the area
    • Will right click on a random player within the area
    • Will hover over a random player within the area
    • Will hover over skill icon as if a player wanted to know their current XP or XP remaining



    Future Updates:
    • Feel free to request features.
    Feel free to leave comments on features that you would like to see!

    Known Bugs:
    • None!
    • What was your location?
    • What playstyle were you using? If Stand Still, what coordinate?
    • RS3 or OS?
    • Give as must detail as possible, the more detail you give me, the more I can do.

    Donations are not required, but greatly appreciated!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Scott2512
    Version: 1.5.9
    I have to admit, this is the best bot I have ever used.
    Got 3 different accounts, to 99 strength, range, and even magic- fire blasting the crabs AFK.
    I have been using Runemate client for about a year now, never rated or commented any where, this is the first time i just have to say- Thank you.

    It is my pleasure paying for this service.
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      That's great to hear! I'm glad it's worked so well for you :)
  2. dylan1991
    Version: 1.5.9
    I always see this get bad reviews, its always worked for me, ive never had any issues... Getting about 40k xp an hour at 60 strength. i dont know if everyone sets up wrong or what im confused. but works perfect for me... i dont ever use pots so not sure if thats the issue but everything else, A+
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      I think the majority of bad reviews are from user error / not setting up the bot properly; which is unfortunate.

      Thanks for the review! Happy botting :)
  3. HazedUP
    Version: 1.5.9
    runs 14k/xp/hr no good
  4. KoleTrain69
    Version: 1.5.9
    Usually works great but is bugged and no longer takes my potions out of the bank, when i start the bot with potions in inventory it actually deposits them as well. Needs fixing. Been paying this bot for a while on multiple accounts and it sucks im no longer going to be able to recommend it.
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      The logic didn't change. Are you sure everything is set up correctly? Feel free to reach out to me on Slack or Discord if you need any assistance.
  5. wyatt69
    Version: 1.5.9
    Got att, str, & def to 70 with this bot and haven't been banned
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      Very nice!
  6. dhunited12
    Version: 1.5.9
    Have been using for a few days on a new account to test. Works absolutely perfectly at sand crabs, not sure why it's receiving so many poor reviews. 5/5
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      That's great to hear, thanks for the review!
  7. Awakenedsoul
    Version: 1.5.8
    Worst bot I've had literally ends instantly just to take my money. It worked maybe twice for 10 minutes out of the $2.00 it took and it just does nothing.
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      This bot is used hundreds of hours a day by quite a few individuals. It sounds like you're having issue with settings up the bot in general, did you follow the instructions on the overview page? Additionally, if you could provide a log file for a session that didn't work, I can tell you what exactly the issue was.
  8. mickey2580
    Version: 1.5.8
    Hi so i managed to get to 93 str from 56 with this bot was great until i just got banned lol not sure what i got banned for but im gunna guess some1 just reported me at some point as i was using this for about a month on and off pking in between and stuff but ye my almost maxed pure 75 attk 93 sr 99 range 95 mage gone rip haha
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      Why is this a 1 star?
  9. Alex096
    Version: 1.5.8
    Seems to work as it should EXCEPT ONCE THING. I was afking at sandcrabs and put on the bot to train defence with my whip, i put on the bot before i went to sleep. When i woke up the bot had picked up an iron pickaxe and equipped it instead of the whip, it did not change back to the whip at any point for 9 hours. lost a good amount of xp. Should have been around 40k xp per hour for 9 hours. but since it used the iron pick instead LMAO, it went down to 9k xp per hour :) it probably looked very sus to other players when a guy is afk training with a iron pick, lol. gg. otherwise good bot
  10. NotDero
    Version: 1.5.8
    Got most of my combat stats with this bot. however, It does crash alot at ammonite crabs which result in losing hours and money/hour.