ApexCrabber PRO 1.1.0

The proper way of dealing with crabs.

  1. proxi

    ApexCrabber PRO - Variety of features available. Sand and Rock Crabs supports. AFK or Active playstyles.

    • Screen Options:
      • Resizable with Maximize (Legacy or EOC)
      • Fixed (Legacy)
    • Start bot with player located in desired crab area
    • Enable Banking and choose the desired food and/or potions you'd like to use along with their quantity.
    • Select crab location and playstyle in GUI
      • Playstyles are detailed later
    • Select all desired settings in Anti-Ban and Settings tabs
    • Press start
    Use at your own discretion.


    Crab Locations:
    • Fremennik/Rellekka (Rock Crabs)
    • Zeah Shore (Sand Crabs)
    • Zeah Crab Island (Sand Crabs)

    • Active
      • Will actively run around the crab area, activating crabs and attacking them. This playstyle does not take other players into account and does not support world hopping.
    • Stand Still
      • The exact opposite of the Active playstyle. Using this will lock the player to the coordinate they are standing on when the bot starts up (if you reconfigure settings and resume, it will refresh said coordinate to your player's current location). This playstyle pairs very well with world hopping, which is triggered by the player trigger threshold.
    • Spot Hop
      • This playstyle involves your player jumping around to various preset 'hotspot' locations where you can attack multiple crabs at once. The bot only moves location if the player threshold (provided in the setup process) is exceeded, it will then proceed to finding the spot with the least amount of players in it. World Hopping is disabled with this playstyle.

    • Bank from all Zeah locations (not supported for rock crabs)
      • Traversal to and from Sand Crab Island is supported, provided that user has 10K gp in their bank
    • Food and potions are supported and are retrieved automatically when the inventory is out of one (or both) or them.

    • World Hop
      • Only available in the StandStill Playstyle
    • Health Tolerance
      • The bot will heal the player once the player's health is below a threshold generated by the user-provided health tolerance. This threshold is regenerated after every successful heal action.
      • Ex: If the user enters 25% as their health tolerance, the bot will choose a threshold in the range of 17.5% and 32.5%, and regenerates a value once a successful heal action occurs.
    • Skill Tolerance
      • Potions will now be used (Drink action) when the players current skill is less than 10% over their base skill.
    • Intelligent web walking logic
      • Generated paths are saved for future use, therefore paths are not always being created during each traversal task
    • Supports all ApexBot features
      • Anagogic Ort pickup
      • Run enabler
      • Anti-Ban Resting
      • Improved Interaction logic
    • Random Camera turns with Middle-Mouse click and Keyboard
    • Hover over random NPC within the area
    • Random delays to actions
    • Hover over random and future crabs in Active or SpotHop playstyles
    • Upon level-up, bot will click on the skill as if the user was checking the new unlocks
    • Hover over random game objects within the area
    • Will right click on a random player within the area
    • Will hover over a random player within the area
    • Will hover over skill icon as if a player wanted to know their current XP or XP remaining



    Future Updates:
    • Pick up arrows and thrown objects
    Feel free to leave comments on features that you would like to see!

    Known Bugs:
    • None!
    • What was your location?
    • What playstyle were you using? If Stand Still, what coordinate?
    • RS3 or OS?
    • Give as must detail as possible, the more detail you give me, the more I can do.

    Donations are not required, but greatly appreciated!

Recent Reviews

  1. JamesJ
    Version: 1.1.0
    The only problem about the bot is the birthday sale is over! Probably think that it's your birthday everyday. 5/5!
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      Lol I'll try to find another reason to put it on sale later on xD
  2. xkrasa
    Version: 1.1.0
    Can't complain. Reasonable price, works almost flawlessly, and a really active author on top of it with occasional updates. Ran the bot for hours without much problems. 10/10.
  3. Rob K
    Rob K
    Version: 1.0.5
    Been using the bot to get combat up. I have several 24+ hour sessions with built in breaks being used. So far so good. Thanks for everything. Everything is above 70 atm after just about a week.
  4. NyQuiL
    Version: 1.0.5
    Really solid bot, although i wish there was an option to pick up clue scrolls, all around though very good bot
  5. survivedawn
    Version: 1.0.3
    Great bot, well worth the money!