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Cuppa Brimhaven Agility Arena 1.0.2

Parkour like it's the early 2000s!

  1. CuppaJava

    Automatically completes the Agility Arena to collect tickets. Eats food and banks using Amulets of Glory.

    How to Use:
    Start the bot...
    • Near Edgeville bank (with Amulets of glory in the bank)
    • OR near Brimhaven Agility Arena (with food + 200 coins + optionally an amulet of glory for banking)

    • Efficiently solves the Brimhaven Agility Arena & collects tickets for Agility XP
    • Banks for supplies at Edgeville using Amulets of glory (will stop once out of food, if no Amulet equipped)
    • Eats food for health
    • Randomized delays between obstacles
    • (optional) direct input, for faster and more accurate clicks/performance

    Features in all of CuppaJava's Bots:
    • Saves settings from last session, even when you close Runemate. Jump right back in next time!
    • Customizable break handler, to log out for a little while every X minutes.
    • Customizable AFK handler, to idle the bot for a little while periodically.
    • Customizable stopping handler: to stop the bot after a selected amount of time.
    • Intelligent delays between actions.
    • Progress log with a bunch of info.



Recent Reviews

  1. Not an Octopus
    Not an Octopus
    Version: 1.0.2
    5/5, works perfectly. Get that dark blue graceful colour easy
    1. CuppaJava