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Dagannoth Kings Mate 1.0.1

Master of the combat triangle.

  1. Defeat3d
    Kills the Dagannoth Kings! Does not bank or traverse.

    • Prepare your gear and inventory
    • Head to the Dagannoth Kings dungeon entrance and find yourself an empty world using the crack
    • Start and configure the bot
    • Confirm your settings
    • Enable mouse input
    • Manually enter the Dagannoth Kings dungeon
    • The bot takes over from here, disable mouse input, sit back, and enjoy!
    Key features:
    • Kills all three Dagannoth kings using the tribrid method (magic, melee and ranged)
    • Off-ticks the kings if they're attacking on the same tick
    • Able to use special attacks for each style (below a set health threshold)
    • Perfect protection and offensive prayers
    • Uses high alchemy on viable items - see the list below
    • Supports most boosts/consumables - see the list below
    • Teleports away using a Ring of dueling when necessary
    High alchemy items:
    • Battlestaves with orb
    • All fremennik equipment excluding Seercull
    • Red d'hide vambraces
    • Runite limbs
    • Steel, mithril, adamant, rune and dragon equipment
    • Ring of life
    Supported boosts/consumables:
    • (Divine) super combat/attack/strength/defence potion
    • (Divine) bastion/ranging potion
    • Imbued/saturated heart
    • (Super)antipoison, Antidote+(+), Sanfew serum
    • Prayer potion, Super restore, Sanfew serum
    • Pretty much any food you can think of, but no brews!
    Use the wiki to optimize your setup: Dagannoth Kings/Strategies

    Need more help? Join the RuneMate discord for the quickest support.

Recent Updates

  1. Dagannoth Kings Mate v1.0.1 Released!

Recent Reviews

  1. FatJax
    Version: 1.0.1
    Killing the kings is a 5/5. Does a splendid job of off-ticking the kings, in case one of them is on the same tick as the others. The only thing that I've noticed, which can be somewhat of a nuisance, is that it will eat food, loot food, eat food, loot food. Say you have a full inventory of sharks, and you get a shark drop. It will then eat sharks from the inventory, to pick up sharks from the ground. I can see the idea behind this, if you're having lower-tier food in your inventory e.g. Karambwans and want to upgrade it to a higher healing food source, but if it is just replacing the same tier food, it seems like "time waste" in a way that it gives the dead kings 10 seconds more time to spawn, which in the end might result in taking one or two hits from a melee Rex, before it is off-tick again.

    But again, for whats it is made for, it 100% gets the job done. Getting the kills and staying there for as long as possible. Inventory management, might just need a little polishing.
  2. deboniyay
    Version: 1.0.1
    Very good, able to kill in pretty scuffed set up. Using ancient mace spec, would bring like 2-3 pp & heaps more more boosts + antip.
  3. Dead2U
    Version: 1.0.1
    Another awesome job by Defeat3d. If you can read directions, this kills the three Kings flawlessly and hardly uses supplies. 100% recommend.