Fabreze Fighter[BETA] 1.1.7

Who knew fighting would be such a breeze

  1. Fabreze
    Get easy afk combat xp with any attackable NPC, just type in an NPC to attack and let the Fabreze Fighter do the rest!

    • None
    • Telegrab
    • Alchemy
    • Loots any item
    • Safespotting
    • Special Attack
    • All food
    • Buries all bones
    • Supports all attackable NPC's
    • Strength, Attack, Defence, Ranged, Magic potions supported
    • Prayer potions supported
    • Safe logout upon running out of food
    • XP Tracker
    • Save Profiles
    • Banking** (must set the fight location in order to enable this option)

    ** - Uses WebPathing, so to ensure the bot does not get stuck, test that WebPathing covers the area you wish to use it in!

Recent Reviews

  1. skylar barkman
    skylar barkman
    Version: 1.1.7
    Love the script but have been noticing some issues with using prayer potions. Will hover but wont use them and causes it to just kinda freeze. Fix on that will be 5 star for sure.
  2. barniearmy
    Version: 1.1.7
    Amazing bot, works well supports prayer pots. 99 slayer incoming
  3. icaro43
    Version: 1.1.7
    cant telegrab or alch with smoke runes, perhaps with the other elemental combination runes too.
    Player flicking would be awesome with some sort of accuracy percentage selector
    besides that 15/10. I also can recomend the cannon version of this.
  4. Hoggster99
    Version: 1.1.7
    Really good bot. Only thing i would try to improve is that the bot clicks on the next target a little bit faster. Real players won't wait until the monster dissapears to click the next target.
  5. Kyo333
    Version: 1.1.7
    Really good bot. The only problem I have is I feel the right click is a little to fast. Other then that keep up with the good work.
  6. Hejhej
    Version: 1.1.7
    Bot works great. At the moment absolutely fastest fighter. Avg. 5-10k xp/h more (depends on stats ofc) than any other fighter.
    One thing that I like the most is that it attacks the nearest monster, unlike other fighters.
    Only downside is the 6hour logout timer, doesnt log back in, but I guess that is more of a client-issue.
  7. BitSec
    Version: 1.1.7
    The bot is good but it keeps getting stuck at Al-Kharid doors. The bot doesn't open them so if they are closed the bot just keeps clicking attack but it can't reach them.
    1. Fabreze
      Author's Response
      edge case, if you set the fight area to only be within a reachable area it won’t try to fight unreachable things, that’s why this feature was implemented in the first place...
  8. creativeself
    Version: 1.1.7
    Works flawlessly. Have used this bot in multiple locations with multiple npc's. It always attacks the npc's and logs out when I've ran out of food. Does exactly what I need it to do.
  9. bosw8ter1
    Version: 1.1.7
    Great safespotting script. One thing though: I am safespotting black dragons with fire strike and sometimes a kill takes longer than 5 minutes, which makes you log out due to inactivity. Would love it if the script randomly clicks somewhere to prevent logging out. Otherwise, great stuff.
  10. ikizo minna
    ikizo minna
    Version: 1.1.7
    This bot is reallyyy good. There are two thing that should be fixed!!
    1. Fix the alchemy on items worth above 30k, it doesnt alch the items, its just click once on proceed but it never alchs the item
    2. on the ''Eat food for loot'' option, it ate food even tho it has the item on the inventory. I had Nature runes in inventory from before and full inventory food but it eats a food anyways to loot nature runes? I mean, i already have them in bag...fix these please!
    1. Fabreze
      Author's Response
      1. You can manually change the alchemy value warning to a very high number so that this doesn't get in the way. I won't be adding a way to deal with this since it's too much work and you can fix it on your own in literally 2 seconds, there are youtube videos showing you how just look up "how to turn off the alch warning in osrs"!
      2. Yea this is already in the works, I've been working on fixing this in the next update, and will have lots of other fixes/improvements(mainly in safe log out and banking) as well as some support for some more potions