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Plays Motherlode Miner, mines pay-dirt, deposits ores and even fixes the wheel when broken.

  • 30 Mining for lower level
  • 72 Mining for upper level

  • Functional UI with XPTracker
  • Stop Timer
  • "All" Default Bank Withdraw/Deposit mode support
  • Wheel repair
  • *Upper Level Mining* - Premium Version Only
  • AFK Mode supports 81 and 162 sack sizes
  • *Break Handler* - Premium Version Only

Mining Location Options:
  • Like
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First release
Last update
2.00 star(s) 11 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fabreze Motherlode Miner Lite v3.0.5 Released!

    Fabreze Motherlode Miner Lite updated to v3.0.5.
  2. Fabreze Motherlode Miner Lite v3.0.4 Released!

    Fabreze Motherlode Miner Lite updated to v3.0.4.
  3. Fabreze Motherlode Miner Lite v3.0.3 Released!

    Fabreze Motherlode Miner Lite updated to v3.0.3.

Latest reviews

this doesn't work at all, even with updated timer and location...sad
Setting timer doesn't fix this bot. Starting from the mining location makes it mine, but doesn't move back to bank.
If you arent braindead it works, Update timer and update the location and it will start. if you dont update timer it sits there
completely broken. does nothing
Broken - doesn't start, not even sure how to start it. Just does nothing.
mines vein but when full invy just stands there. should definitely get that fixed
Loads but does nothing.Just stands there
Wont load even after configured... when i get it to run it acts so obvious like a bot. Needs more work
Works flawlessly with all optional settings being selected. Only had issues when it's not set to automatically drop the gems. As the gems take up some of the inventory space, the amount of ores being deposited in the sack can in some cases cause the bot to keep mining pay dirt even though the sack's at its max capacity and the hopper's full. At this point the bot starts walking around in circles endlessly next to the sack.
I'll look into that!