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First release
Last update
4.30 star(s) 27 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fighter Mate Beta v1.2.7-BETA Released!

    Fighter Mate Beta updated to v1.2.7-BETA.
  2. Fighter Mate Beta v1.2.6-BETA Released!

    Fighter Mate Beta updated to v1.2.6-BETA.
  3. Fighter Mate (BETA) v1.2.4-BETA Released!

    Fighter Mate (BETA) updated to v1.2.4-BETA.

Latest reviews

just keeps picking up cannon.... will attack npcs whioch is nice but losing alot of xp due to cannon not working, i setup coordinates but it still will not load or fire
Great bot, working great. Is there a way to disable an item for pick up? Doing Armoured zombies and it picks up all the bottles nearby.
when ur using a canoon it'll try to attack a mob sometimes that is not attacking u instead of the one attacking u at that moment
Is this if you're not in multi and you're being hit? Mind sending me some more details over DM?
Works perfectly, with the exception I can't find the way to make banking and pickup up some loot work. It'd be helpful if instructions were included to make it work this way.
Bot works perfect only problem I have is that it keeps unloading my cannon for some reason but other than that its great
nearly perfect for my use. Only thing is looting is bugged. It picks up items even though i adjust the value OR put specific items, it just picks up everything. Furthermore it eats my food (even though i set it to eat at a certain low level) just to make space to loot the ground item.

wasted alot of food due to this.

other than that, its EXCELLENT
This thing is mean. Hexis slayer bot is no good. This is my slayer bot. Works flawless.
The Don 5* Rated - Top Fighter Bot on RM which is highly customisable. Cannon, prayer flicking, speccing, looting and even banking! Suits all account builds Good job Mr Slashnhax
Didnt picked abby whip at demons, pretty awful for an ironman, otherwise worked well
Mostly good, but doesn't return to the safespot after picking up items. in the time between initiating battle and returning to the safespot, someone can take your mob