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Fight Caves Mate 1.4.15

Show TzTok-Jad who's boss!

  1. SlashnHax
    Try the trial version: Fight Caves Mate Trial
    Check out the discord channel: Discord - A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities
    This bot isn't a silver bullet that absolves all RNG to complete the caves.

    Start the bot just outside or inside the Fight Caves.

    Recommended setup

    Recommended minimum: 40 def, 43 prayer, 61 range
    Recommended stats: 70 def, 74 prayer, 75 range
    1 def pures will struggle due to monsters attacking on the same tick (Damage is calculated on animation, not hitsplat, so even if they hit at different times the tick you need to pray is the same) Some users have had success using the 'Prayer only' mode (Only handles prayers, not eating or combat) and playing more defensively.
    Best ranged gear you can afford. At a minimum, Rune Crossbow with Diamond bolts (e).
    Make sure you bring enough ammo for the runs you want to do. If you run out the bot will escape the caves and stop.
    • Use rock to safespot on
    • Prayer Style: Direct Flicking
    • Direct Input Inventory on
    • Stop after attempts 0 (if you just want 1 attempt, set it to 1, if you want 2, set it to 2...)
    Break Handler off (unless you plan to leave it on for hours on end)
    • Food: Best you have, 26 - stat boost amount (20 if you're bringing 6 range potions)
    • Prayer restore: Prayer potion, 2
    • Stat boost: Ranging potion, 6
    Prayer (Direct Flicking)
    • Use offensive prayer on, best you have access to
    • Use defensive prayer on, best you have access to
    Prayer (Mouse Flicking/Swapping)
    • Use offensive prayer off
    • Use defensive prayer off
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ryan20
    Version: 1.4.15
    Worked first try no issue.
  2. pore00
    Version: 1.4.15
    Could not get it to work but this was due to the vanilla client. After that it did my cape in 47min with void, blowpipe and rigour on 87 range. It used maybe one sip of super restore and one food but that probs was due to the use of divine range potions.

    Note: this was with direct input which honestly was very impressive during jad (i tagged the healers only so triple switching).
  3. TenDragon
    Version: 1.4.15
    Script is pretty good but sometimes it's broke 100% with prayers. I died about 5 times in a row because bot always mess a prayer in waves 55-60. I had all plugins turned off, updates was fine etc. (75 range, 70 def, 60 pray etc). After I go only with "prayer only" option and play cave myself and bot just took care of prayer it works fine. Would be great get back those 4-5 credit.
  4. mcgrubes
    Version: 1.4.15
    Got it on the first try. I sat to watch, and ended up having to eat to keep my account alive. As far as I know I had it setup correctly, but perhaps not. Either way, the prayer flicking was great, and I now have a fire cape. The pray flicking does seem very bottish, but maybe that isn't a big deal. And by very bottish, I mean it doesn't miss. Thanks!
  5. Domination23
    Version: 1.4.15
    completed on the first try! too cold!
  6. qbosrs
    Version: 1.4.15
    Perfect!! Loved to watch it, I did it on a zerker account in progress. Only 67 ranged and 45 defence and 43 Prayer! Absolute legend thanks for the cape!
  7. grizz7y
    Version: 1.4.15
    I am quite confused about the reviews because I have yet had no luck in completing the fight caves. The bot works well for the most part but I either run out of food or the wrong prayer will make my character die. I spend $4 on this bot and haven't completed it. 71 range, 60 pray, 60 def. Used the best gear I could use, rcb, blessed dhide, fury, archers, diamond bolt (e). Still no luck. Used recommended inventory as well, 22 manta, 4 range pots, 2 pray pots. Still, it keeps dying. Unfortunately, I gave up on this bot. The setup instructions are unclear as the UI is different to what the "recommendation" is.
  8. plskillmedad
    Version: 1.4.15
    Successfully completed a fight cave run first try on a 92 range 13 defence pure. Used a blowpipe with rune darts, Bot used 4.5 Restores and 5.5 Brews.
  9. Pollivniech
    Version: 1.4.15
    1st try 10/10, 1hr 30min, best $2 ever spent.
  10. Boobbeez
    Version: 1.4.15
    65 range 1 Def 52 Prayer. Completed after 3 different setups. Worked really well only thing is waves 38-46 i had to do by hand it doesn't use the safe spot and tries to player switch/tank both range and mage. I'm sure with a non pure it would work fine