Kush AIO Fisher 1.3.0

Fishes and cooks on multiple locations!

  1. Constantijn Floris
    Fishes and cooks on multiple locations!

    • Build in antiban
    • Dragon harpoon special attack
    • Will be cooking the fish after you've selected the Cook option.
    • 3Tick fishing BETA (you'll need a pestle and mortar, grimy guam and swamp tar, only works with fly fishing/barbarian fishing.

    Supported locations:
    • Fishing Guild
    • Catherby
    • Barbarian Village
    • Lumbridge
    • Piscatoris Fishing Colony
    • Karamja
    • Otto's Grotto

Recent Reviews

  1. wildrs2
    Version: 0.1
    so far, i've only used the fish & drop feature in lumby with the shrimps & it works perfectly. First suggestion would be maybe adding the shift drop feature instead of right click dropping. <3
    1. Constantijn Floris
      Author's Response
      If you enable shift click in your account settings on OSRS, it'll drop with the shift key!