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Kush Quester 3.4.1

18 Quests with GrandExchange support!

  1. Remco1337
    Does various quests and with GrandExchange!



    You can dubbel-click on the available quests list so it moves to selected quests list, and select the transportation method (walking, teletabs ect), if you are switching between p2p and f2p zones, teletabs are recommended.

    For the best experience you should start at the Grand Exchange.


    Currently supports:
    • Grand Exchange
    • Teleports (Teletabs/spellbook)
      • Teleports hasn't been tested alot please let me know if you find an issue.
    • Deathwalking
    • Supported Quests:

      • Romeo & Juliet
        Gertrude's Cat
        Daddy's Home
        Sheep Shearer
        Cook's Assistant
        Prince Ali Rescue
        The Restless Ghost
        Rune Mysteries
        X Marks The Spot
        The Corsair Curse
        Imp Catcher
        Ernest the Chicken
        Witch's Potion
        Pirate's Treasure
        Doric's Quest
        Goblin Diplomacy
        The Knight's Sword
        Vampyre Slayer
        Witch's House
        Druidic Ritual
        Sea Slug
        Monk's Friend
    • Progress
      • [​IMG]
    • Gains
      • [​IMG]

Recent Reviews

  1. plateddesigns
    Version: 3.4.1
    Stuck buying broads, stuck at gertrudes cat, stuck black knights fortress, GUI didn't load first time so was charged $0.25 extra. Doesn't use staminas. This bot has potential but right now its worth about 0.05/hour.
  2. robin921299
    Version: 3.4.1
    Seems to be working as expected, im babysitting it so willl update, I 2nd the previous though, select magic as combat and it banks the runes. it also doesn't use energy pots
  3. Teddy5246
    Version: 3.4.1
    Worked great for some of the quest i did however it was stuck to many times and quest that typically take 5-15minutes took significantly longer due to this
    I would advise against these quest until it is fixed.
    Buying items from the ge and ingame use for questing you MUST choose clan chat/etc.. or your player will be spouting off random numbers and easily show it is being botted.
    The script ran fine for about 50-70% of the time but the mess ups cause you to be charged extra for task that should have been finished or alert others your a bot with ease if they are nearby. Stay at the pc while its running to make sure you dont fall into one of these traps.
    Daddys home
    *Doesn't collect waxwood planks

    Druidic ritual
    *Gets stuck at gate with skeletons which ends up killing you if low level and loss of items if not caught early

    Prince Ali Rescue
    *Gets stuck making the key

    Ernest the chicken-
    *Gets stuck on 3rd floor when tasked to get fish food
    *Gets stuck searching book case in western room
    *repeatedly opens and goes through door 1 in basement. repeats bot like movement non stop.
    *quest is to bugged to try and let bot finish it
  4. cotovios
    Version: 3.4.1
    Id like my 0.25 refund, buys the items and then just scrolls the inventory over and over without doing anything, what the hell is wrong with this bot
  5. OdinsonSuper
    Version: 3.4.0
    Works almost great. It does buy the items and traverses with some issues (looking at you knights sword). My biggest issue is that I select magic for the combat style and it does withdraw the air staff but won't withdraw any runes to cast said spells, so I end up beating everything to death with a stick. If this could be fixed, it would be perfect!
  6. ABiGbLuNtRoAcH
    Version: 3.3.2
    This bot could be better having to babysit isnt the biggest deal imo because i can baby sit 10 accs at once and get these basic quests done all at once your expecting too much out of a one man show if your gonna sit here and cry about it TLDR : babysit the bot and quit crying. the only thing i would change is the price per hour
  7. weezywee55
    Version: 3.3.1
    very botlike , doesnt sucessfully buy items , gets stuck and confused walking to areas.
  8. Dogdog109
    Version: 3.3.1
    I don't want to sound rude but this needs to be removed off the market until made fit for purpose. $0.25 is an insult. The GE buying is incredibly slow, it types before an interface has opened when buying stuff on the GE, meaning the bot is just saying random numbers out loud. It presses 'collect' after every item it buys. Every single movement it does is incredibly botlike. I set it to use teletabs, have all teletabs in my bank and yet it started walking to lumbridge from the grand exchange to start the restless ghost rather than teletabbing to Lumbridge. It didn't even bother taking stam pots out either to walk to Lumbridge despite me selecting them. Switched it off before any quests were completed, it may complete the quests eventually but it'll take a long time and be screaming 'i'm a bot' the whole way.
  9. sprinkles3254
    Version: 3.1.8
    My Account got Permit ban. Thanks. Not only did this get it ban it also cost me $ refund would be great. thanks.
  10. Cactuse
    Version: 3.1.8
    Well, i tried it with total 5$, it finished only 10 quests and i had to help it with each step, it got stuck on almost every quest, it took about 40-50 min to make one quest that normally would take 10 min. he walks 10 steps, waits 10 sec, then walk another 10 step, then get st uck, then loop. SCAM i would like a refund for beta testing something this bad.
    1. Remco1337
      Author's Response
      Message me on discord: Remco1337