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Does various quests and with GrandExchange!



You can dubbel-click on the available quests list so it moves to selected quests list, and select the transportation method (walking, teletabs ect), if you are switching between p2p and f2p zones, teletabs are recommended.

For the best experience you should start at the Grand Exchange.


Currently supports:
  • Grand Exchange
  • Teleports (Teletabs/spellbook)
    • Teleports hasn't been tested alot please let me know if you find an issue.
  • Deathwalking
  • Supported Quests:

    • Romeo & Juliet
      Gertrude's Cat
      Daddy's Home
      Sheep Shearer
      Cook's Assistant
      Prince Ali Rescue
      The Restless Ghost
      Rune Mysteries
      X Marks The Spot
      The Corsair Curse
      Imp Catcher
      Ernest the Chicken
      Witch's Potion
      Pirate's Treasure
      Doric's Quest
      Goblin Diplomacy
      The Knight's Sword
      Vampyre Slayer
      Witch's House
      Druidic Ritual
      Sea Slug
      Monk's Friend
  • Progress
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  • Gains
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First release
Last update
1.92 star(s) 51 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Kush Quester v3.4.1 Released!

    Kush Quester updated to v3.4.1.
  2. Kush Quester v3.4.0 Released!

    Kush Quester updated to v3.4.0.
  3. Kush Quester v3.3.2 Released!

    Kush Quester updated to v3.3.2.

Latest reviews

left it on overnight stood in ge all night.. runemate remove this script or owner need to fix / update. wish i read reviews before i used
done nothing just sat at the grand exchange I will be having my money back please and thanks in advance
It does work , but you can't leave it unsupervised or it might get stuck trying to go somewhere it can't reach. However, I'm getting charged $1.00 an hour instead of the expected $0.25 USD per hour. What's going on ?
left running over night, didnt complete 1 quest and charged me 4 hours before logging
I really want my 0.50 back. Started it, got stuck in 1 min, Worst ever . - Rep
Gets stuck at g.e buying items, gets stuck mid quests opening doors etc. doesnt use stamina's or tele tabs or anything u pick. horrible.
doesnt work
Never used any tele tabs, never used stamina, got stuck in earnest the chicken quest by clicking to go through the door multiple times, probably would be banned already if I left acc unwatched
Waste of .25, please give me a refund, the bot got stuck trying to buy a yew shortbow in f2p, with only f2p quests selected as well as the magic combat option selected, no matter what i did it kept trying to buy a yew shortbow.
Stuck buying broads, stuck at gertrudes cat, stuck black knights fortress, GUI didn't load first time so was charged $0.25 extra. Doesn't use staminas. This bot has potential but right now its worth about 0.05/hour.