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Intelligent, anti-pantern and multiple accounts to give you a flawless tutorial island experience!

  • PlayerSense
  • Anti-patern for each individual account.
  • Logs out in Lumbridge after account has been finished.
  • Takes around 8 minutes per account!

  • If you wish to create multiple accounts at once, make sure they are in your RuneMate client after that they'll be available in the list.
First release
Last update
2.88 star(s) 16 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Kush Tutorial Island v1.5.0 Released!

    Kush Tutorial Island updated to v1.5.0.
  2. Kush Tutorial Island v1.4.5 Released!

    Kush Tutorial Island updated to v1.4.5.
  3. Kush Tutorial Island v1.4.4 Released!

    Kush Tutorial Island updated to v1.4.4.

Latest reviews

The script is flawless to be honest however I have tried numerous times with numerous accounts using VPN and Proxies and they always get banned total of 50 accounts banned. Account rested for several days before signing back in to get perm ban message.
Tried this script and worked OK on test account. Total completion time was 9:49, but I had to manually intervene twice:

Towards the end of the island. When trying to range attack the rats, script went into a corner and got 'I can't reach!' dialogue until a rat was finally in range and killed. The script never closes this dialogue ("I can't reach that"), meaning once the script arrives at the poll both segment, it continually spam clicks the poll both, since it cannot continue the poll both dialogue, since the previous "I can't reach" dialogue is never handled and still shows. I had to manually progress through this dialogue.

The script runs flawless from that point up until the Wizard/end segment, where it non-stop attempted to attack chickens through the gate (with the bronze sword), instead of trying to cast Wind Strike on the chicken. The mage book WAS opened during this, just Wind Strike never selected. This may be due to the fact I ran the script in resizable/modern layout.

Will fiddle/test some more (once I am home and have access to a VPN), may have just been bad luck. FWIW, I was only charged 9 cents (the correct amount), compared to other reviewers claiming they were overcharged: not the case here.
After talking with the bot maker, we were able to iron out the issue with the cooking bit with the baker. One last issue is preventing me from 5 starring and that is; the bot gets stuck in a dialogue loop with the mage at the end. Good thing I was babysitting and caught this, but it is still an issue. Once this last thing is resolved, I will change my rating to a perfect 5 star.
It did 1 account no problem, 2nd account got stuck at the cooking step, talking to the chef to make bread, for 4 hours while I was away and charged me the whole time instead of terminating. Not worth it while there is another option on here that is free. Not 1 star because it did complete 1 account in 5 hours.
Hi, that's sad to hear, could you please provide me a pm with everything that went wrong? And include your settings such as runelite/old school client ect. I tested it for 5 accounts a few days ago and it went totally fine.
2/4 accounts banned, 5 minutes after completion of tut island XD
I have added some antiban measures to my script, did you create the accounts with proxies? In case you didn't I think Jagex can see you made multiple accounts on your own ip and I think it's part of their bot prevention.
i didnt start in main room but seriously its like a player is clicking i also havent tried multi using it but clean as can be bot huge congrats on that and for something that can multi use very good price. much love to the creator <3
took 60 cents and couldnt even leave the first room? first bot i tried on rune mate and its not looking good for me to spend another cent on these bots if they are all this garbage lol
I dont know why people are giving this Bot bad reviews . it does exactly what it should .. good work :D
The bot does function but you have to set your name first and change display to resizable - classic layout. It did get me through tutorial island with no issues after that but It charged me .40c for about 15 minutes of use. So have to to give a low rating for it blatantly lying about price. Save your money and just to tut island yourself.
The cost is not regulated by the script, it's regulated by the RuneMate client, you can post a bug request if you are totally sure.
Just like the rest of the scripts ( a scam )... charged me 0.40 for 10 minutes and the script did not leave the starting room even after giving it a hand haha. strongly suggest people uninstall runemate as i have spent a good bit so far and 0 of the scripts works even close to how they are advertised.