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Simply 1 tick flicks your quick prayers. Enable mouse and keyboard input and start playing without worrying about prayer points!

Pausing the bot will keep quick prayers disabled until resumed.
First release
Last update
4.93 star(s) 15 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Prayer Flick Mate v1.0.2 Released!

    Prayer Flick Mate updated to v1.0.2.
  2. Prayer Flick Mate v1.0.1 Released!

    Prayer Flick Mate updated to v1.0.1. The bot now stops flicking while an item or spell is selected

Latest reviews

Incredible script
I have to say as an Iron that cant stand making prayer pots this script is insane. I've used it for hours. It means I can still play with a slight advantage and not feel like a massive cheat. Would happily pay a small amount ph for this script. Only cirticism is that as this is something to use whilst actually playing, it does seem to lag quite a bit if there are too many plugins on RL. This may be my PC so absolutley does not knock a star off. Game Changer for irons thankyou.
Just want to say this has helped me preserve so many prayer potions on my iron through various rng grinds. Thanks so much for this, and amazing that its free!
It is honestly insane. The fact that it just prayer flicks your quick prayers, so simple yet so effective. Making PvM content great again. The only down side is that there is only a free version of this, I would pay for it to use it outside of my 200 free hours. Big release.
Insanely good, I just wish there was a toggle button or such when you're taking a break from 1t flicking, otherwise 10 star for being free script so honestly not complaining about no toggle, it's pretty good as is! Just a request if it's possible
its incredible & 5 star considering this is free... the bot seems to interfere with certain things though for example trying to cast a spell [fighting vorkath], trying to teleport with scroll, etc... hoping this is an issue on my end i can take care of in which case this bots just perfect
Sick bot, I can use both protection and offensive prayers without using any prayer points!
Didn't even realize you can walk around and do normal things with this flicking prayers, that is nuts! Basically infinite prayer when playing rs normally
Extremely good, simple script. Does what it says it does, practically flawlessly. Been using for months with no issues. TY for this sick script!
super good, only a few moments when it fails the flick like lets the prot mmelee go off but just for max 2 sec, i have saved like 50m in pray pots on slayer,thank you