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First release
Last update
3.15 star(s) 20 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Quantum Fishing v1.0.2 Released!

    Quantum Fishing updated to v1.0.2.
  2. Quantum Fishing v1.0.1 Released!

    Quantum Fishing updated to v1.0.1.

Latest reviews

The best fishing script we have outside Temp or Fly fishing bots.
Doesn't always work like sharks at FG won't fish. But at cathy they do.
1-15 Draynor Village Shrimps so far works good with banking havent tried dropping since I want to level cooking , the lumb swamp didnt seem to work.
I will keep it updated for 20-75 fishing at trout/salmon either Lumbridge or Barb
Doesnt work fully, if u dont babysit it will get you banned
Use with Caution: When power fishing, It will not drop all the fish, and will also drop them in a weird pattern.
sadly the bot was abandoned. its great for powerfishing but after 6 hours it does not log back in. its a great bot to get early fishing levels.
i have tried them all, this is the only bot that actually works. it doesn't use dragon harpoon spec but thats ok. at least it works.
bot is still having trouble fishing anglerfish on the port, bot takes you to anchovy spot instead. USE WITH CAUTION "BAN ALERT"
Bot does fine at Barb fishing and dropping. Averages about 40-50k fishing xp per hour. The only thing is it does not log back in after 6 hours for some reason. The bot just runs the timer after it logs out.
Needs fixed.
For no good reason, the anglerfish selection will force the bot to run to the anchovies spot north west and instantly spam "bait" over and over. This is a ban waiting to happen. DO NOT waste your time/accounts.
so barb fishing mount quidamore. dose not bank just stands there after fishing