Quantum Woodcutting Lite 1.7.19

Woodcutting made easy!

  1. Derk
    Quantum Woodcutting
    Welcome to the bot overview of Quantum Woodcutting! I have made this bot for two purposes and that is to offer a product that can't be surpassed on a quality level and to give the user exactly what they want. This bot origins from my old BChopper, then to Pi Chopper, Celestial Woodcutter and now Quantum Woodcutting.

    I wrote this bot with a few simple guidelines and I plan to keep following those:

    1. Widely supported banking locations
    2. Both OSRS and RS3 support
    3. Custom chopping locations
    If you're planning to use this bot and you need a location added that isn't supported yet, you can suggest the location on the bot discussion thread. If you want to suggest a location please use this form:

    Code (Text):
    1. What location:
    2. What logs:
    3. Closest banking option:
    4. Anything special:
    5. Game type (OSRS/RS3):

    If you have any questions, suggestions or errors to report, reply below!

    Feel free to leave a review as well, but make sure to report bugs on the support thread, rather than leaving a bad review first so I have the opportunity to fix the issue. :)

    This bot uses portions of the Prime Extension API
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Recent Reviews

  1. Exi
    Version: 1.7.19
    Good shit
  2. faviannnb
    Version: 1.7.19
    Script is good, went from 1 to 77 woodcutting in a week, with 4hr /day but got banned after a week. Gp earned from wc is lesser then the price of bond. Therefore a 4/5 stars. Need to implement anti-ban or misc movements. Keep up the update and goodwork!
  3. kristjanbirgisson
    Version: 1.7.19
    nice stuff
  4. SkillerKid
    Version: 1.7.19
    Used for 3-4 hours first time last night. Had a skiller account get permabanned in one day. Did regular trees at lum till oaks, then willows and got to level 50 in this time. Logged out, log in today to a nice fat macro ban.
  5. Qweggy26
    Version: 1.7.19
    Was great but was using it far to often and far to long and eventually they got me and i got permanently banned after 3 days of hardcore use.
  6. PokeHaxNOW
    Version: 1.7.19
    Works good, cant do bonfire on rs3 tho, it dose not add logs to the fire!
  7. hortonas
    Version: 1.7.19
  8. Jemesus
    Version: 1.7.19
    No problems so far
  9. dbking
    Version: 1.7.19
    works flawlessly, but wouldnt recommend using it for too long as there doesnt seem to be any antiban features. Got a permanent ban the first day i used it... checked after 6 hours and it was banned.
  10. Teddy0001
    Version: 1.7.19
    So far so good, however, I'm not sure if it was intended for the bot to miss out some logs while shift-dropping? It doesn't try to clear all inventory before starting to wc again.