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  1. B

    IP banning?

    I was in the GE today and someone was saying that Jagex talked about IP banning bots in a Q&A recently. I've also read multiple times that if you get an account banned they bot watch that IP. I've had a few bots banned in the past. Recently I've had good luck with a couple long lasting bots...
  2. D

    need some advise

    Need some advise please lads... I've been using a premium ApexCrabber PRO scipt for 10 days and managed to get 2 accs perm banned.. its been about 2 months since i last used a bot, since I don't want anymore accs getting banned..is my ip flagged do you think, is there website where you can...
  3. J

    Question Runemate, Multiple Clients, Multiple Proxies

    Hi there, I want to start off by saying that I know that proxies must be run through third party software or with the whole "-Dhttp" file edit. I get that. But if there is only one file, you can only run one IP address in the client. I want to know how I can run multiple gold farming clients...
  4. D

    need help, im new to the botting community

    i would be very appreciative if someone explained to me how to use a bot with a proxy or whatever so it doesnt link up to my main. i know how to bot but dont know how to use one with a proxy or change of ip address. any replys would be welcome :)
  5. xadenator

    Resolved IP Questions

    Hello, I am a total noob when it comes to Botting and IP Addresses, First of all, what IP does RuneMate run on? Does it run on my Home IP? Does it run on a specific IP? If it runs on a specific IP, can I use my Home IP and put it on the Proxy settings? Or do I have to buy a VPN and use that on...