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  1. B

    Bug Somehow accumulated 318 hours in 1 day with only 3 bots running

    Not sure how this is possible, any insight into this? Even if I ran all three bots 24/7 it would take 4.5 days to hit this number. I don't really want to drop another $2 or $3 to increase my hour limit just to fix a possible server side bug. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. devthegod

    Bug Whole Client is broken.

    Edit: Temp Fix is below in FAQ, Will update if it happens from here on out. Hey guys, As of last night. Anytime I try to run a bot it gets about 30 seconds in then crashes. (the bot starts to do stuff normally then dies) No matter the bot. Happens on every single one. It spent money every time...
  3. P

    Bug Unable to use Runemate with OSRS

    Hi all- I'm unable to use Runemate with OSRS. After I startup OSRS and runemate and then hit "start instance" I get the error message "Unable to initialize the communication bridge. Please restart RuneMate and try again. Contact support if the problem persists." Here is some system info and...
  4. P

    Bug having trouble starting instance (necessary library for runtime environment not located)

    Hey y'all, having a bit of an issue when starting up the bot. as soon as I click start a red bar with the caption "A necessary library for your runtime environment could not be located" I have tried redownloading RM to no avail. any ideas on how to fix this?
  5. I

    Bug Unable to login to client

    Hey yall. In short, I have a Mac OsX up to date on all software. I have tried to use the mac client without luck. So I switched to the standalone client. Works when opened but the moment I try to log in, the client stays logging in forever without actually logging in. All I see is the below...
  6. the god hand

    Resolved Zulrah Prime bug

    Using the Zulrah prime script, and had it sit in the Ring of Dueling teleport screen post-kill for 5 hours... After 1 entire kill. While 1$ RM isn't much, I can't help but feel... Cheated? I'd like a refund but chances are, that won't happen. I don't even think it's possible for me to retrieve...
  7. C

    Resolved Why does Runemate stop working when instantly starting the client?

    Why does Runemate instantly exits out when I start the botting client? This has been happening for 2 months straight, even with the new update and with different bots. Not only does it exit out of the application, it deletes it from my computer and I have to reboot my computer everytime to...
  8. ordered

    Bug Bot Class File Not Found on Spectre Load

    All, As stated in the title, whenever I run Spectre, it’s not finding the .class file (that’s the gist of the error message, will update when I can get back to my computer). I’ve verified both the manifest and the .class are in the same directory and it is the directory being pointed to in the...
  9. ordered

    Resource Issue Finding Local Script

    All, As stated in the title, whenever I run Spectre, it’s not finding the .class file (that’s the gist of the error message, will update when I can get back to my computer). I’ve verified both the manifest and the .class are in the same directory and it is the directory being pointed to in the...
  10. F


    Can someone help me please? MY CLIENT IS INFINITLEY STUCK ON THE LOADING SCREEN! I'm having the same issue as a lot of other people are on here, this question has been asked a LOT of times, and never resolved. I have noticed with this problem, nearly everyone on this site gives the same answers...
  11. T

    Bug Please help me with this issue AgentInitializationException.

    Please help me, here my logs text. @Cloud @kazemanie @Arbiter
  12. B

    Bug HotspotVM not loaded?

    Whenever i try to open any bot i get the message: Unable to open socket file: HotspotVM not loaded. I'm running runemate on a mac cliënt, does anyone have any idea what i have to do to solve this problem?
  13. L

    Bug Bad performance using single acc on high end pc

    I've recently started using RuneMate and although it's been a good experience, when I play other games whilst running a bot I get massive performance issues which I have never experienced prior to installing RuneMate. I've tried running games like League of Legends in borderless, windowed and...
  14. vaporization

    Bug 2.47.3 Linux(Ubuntu) Update Issue

    Hey there. I'm new to RuneBot on Linux (I use the "Standalone" version), and i'm running the issue that follows: > Start up Runemate.Jar (Standalone Version) > Says it needs to close for an update > Close for update > Start Runemate.Jar again > Same message come up "close for update or manually...
  15. 4

    i bought hours but i cant use them

    I used my 200 hours and an hour ago I purchased supporter for 3$ so I should have an extra 100 hours to use but it says I used 200/200 what gives???
  16. watertao876

    Bug Client installer issue.

    Hey, this porblem has been an issue for 2 days for me, the client installer doesnt do anything after it runs to 100% and im not sure why its doing this, any tips? Picture included :) nice
  17. coderz

    Bug Client fails to interact way too often

    I've noticed this in all scripts, when right clicking to interact with anything i.e withdrawing items from a bank the bot will fail to click 75% of the time making most bots much slower than what they could be. I have frequently seen bots fail to withdraw items from a bank 5 times in a row. Can...
  18. C

    Bug Failed to bind to the game client because of a exception

    im getting this message whenever i try to connect to the rs3 client "Failed to bind to the game client because of a Exception" ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything from runemate to the rs3 legacy client and also tried it with java but i cant seem to get runemate to work it was...
  19. B

    Bug Issue starting bots

    Like three days ago the problem began. My runemate is very slow at the moment and when im trying to start a bot it takes up to 2 mins. Usually its 2 secs lol. And when i start the bot and set it up it usually start. But since 3 days nothing happens. I tried deinstalling runemate and tried the...
  20. H

    Question Issue Running Spectre

    When I try to get the RS3 client running (I have the official Runescape client installed), I get a prompt telling me "You'll need a new app to open this Jagex-Jav". Then it gives me the option to look for one in the Microsoft Store. Is there a fix for this?