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  1. A

    OSRS @I Dont Care is a scammer

    Scam Report Filed Against: I Dont Care Thread URL on RuneMate Forums: OSRS - Selling Zulrah acc and 100cb acc w/ 99 crafting, 95 agility, 85 mining Supporting Evidence: I have included various pictures. Gave login info so he could check acc out. Dropped all my untradeables. Luckily not that hard...
  2. C

    Bug Resolved

  3. B

    After 1 day of using Runemate, my account got hacked

    So I just created a new account to play OSRS on my phone, and was looking into using Runemate. I tried a bot for a few minutes but it didn't work so I was like 'Oh well, guess it's not for me'. Then I could not log in anymore because apparently I was still logged in, so I changed my password...
  4. S


    Scam Report Filed Against: HeheheheCx Thread URL on RuneMate Forums: OSRS - Selling this amazing main! | CB 112/1480+ Total | Bunch of Quests done + Untradeables Supporting Evidence: first time i have ever bought an account before he seemed trust worthy linked me to a gold site to...
  5. diniro

    I found virus on RuneMate Setup.exe :/

    VirusTotal seriously guys? why can't you just sell Botting scripts, What's the point in injecting your software with malicious software like RATS, Keyloggers and Password Stealers? I was just about to spend a few quid on some scripts from you guys but I am very hesitant now after finding...
  6. E

    Bot not working + taking credits

    When i use Regal agi bot it says it cannot find rs, and takes 5cent credit every time it shows that (every time i check if it works) so it takes a lot of my credits and dont work? i feel a bit scammed here
  7. U

    Resolved Hours not renewing, please help

    I used my 200 free hours, then payed for more. As you can see I'm a supporter, but it's been some days since I payed and it still hasn't come through. I'm aware some banks aren't open on weekends, but it's now Monday and I am still not able to use any hours. any help?
  8. bunnyxhunt

    Question Got an email from "runescape"?

    Hey guys, i need help. Im not sure about this mail is a scam or real, it looks very real. The link about my evidence, is that fake or real? btw it was not in the junk folder.
  9. roflcopter19

    OSRS The weirdest thing just happend to me.

    So i tried to log back in on my oldschool runescape account, to do the 3 year event thing. However i had a authenticator on my account enabled. Odd, pretty sure i turned that off, oh well. So i disabled the authenticator and tried to log in. "Your account is already logged in" Meh, probably...
  10. mazi1m

    Question PLEASE READ ---- SCAMMERS -------- PLEASE READ

    -first. @mods, move this to the most visible place on runemate. I recently sold 50m OSRS gp to use @Marcus111 (worth of 70$). He sent me money as a gift, and since i am new to PaypPal, i didn't know such scamms exist. Until i read about it, but it was too late. He "sent" money as a gift, as i...