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  1. xp00nu

    Bug 15 Minute Timer bot stops

    Hi all, I have read all of these similar threads of the bot stopping after 15 minutes, ie; VPN, Firewall etc. I've turned VPN off, uninstalled java, runemate, restarted computer, I've put runemate into the firewall and my anti virus exception list, and I'm still having this problem, last...
  2. J

    VPN stop bans ?

    so im back on runey again and jumped onto my old acc with mems and got perm banned for trading with my botting noob. main acc banned and noob wasnt..... so ive downloaded a vpn and been botting literally for the past 3 days straight on 2 different accounts and havnt been banned. i get the...
  3. arrancarabo

    Bug Failed to bind exception (problems with VPNs)

    Hi there, I've been using RuneMate for quite a while with different computers and I've had a situation where I just had a fresh copy of Windows installed, RM was working 100% but after installing NordVPN the error of "Failed to bind to client because of an exception" was thrown. No other fixes...
  4. P

    Resolved Testing Bots

    Hi, I'm looking to start writing bots for RuneMate. My concern is that my HWID/IP will get flagged while I'm going through the process or writing/testing out a bot because it's bound to look like a bot until I implement the PlayerSense API. A few questions, 1) has anyone gotten banned while...
  5. dehipim652

    State-of-the-Art SOCKS5 Proxy Service || Unlimited IPs || On-Demand Rotation || Best Price

    FREE trials are accepted! See below. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– What's the difference with other providers? You are allowed to rotate your IP and get a unique one anytime you want. No rotating restrictions, no IP limits etc...
  6. A

    Bug Runemate VPN

    So after wanting to try out VPN for the longest time. after 6 hrs of trial and error i got to this point. Rs working (RSU linux client) Runemate working but doesnt attach to client. Getting no error in client itself :/ Log: [Debug] RuneMate Version: 2.4.4 [Debug] Java Version: 8u112 x86...
  7. salvation

    Tutorial RuneMate through a proxy or VPN

    With the release of Spectre 2.0, RuneMate no longer contains a built-in proxy handler. There's a few things you can do to bot in anonymity. You can use a VPS as an external computer on the network of a hosting company. A VPS is a virtual private server. This is essentially a computer that you...
  8. omnicasual

    VPN vs Socks Proxy

    Hi, new here. While I know VPN will hide my IP I'm not to familiar with Socks proxys. I don't really know if the company I bought threw loses connection on them but their VPN has a kill switch which is good. However I've seen people mention that this site uses some cloud computing to mimic...