Anyone Interested In A Bot Progress Thread?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by opticness, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. As I have recently gotten banned on several of my suicide bot accounts, I figured I'd start fresh and bot a little safer and less each day. With this, I would like to share the progress I get done on my accounts. Would anyone be interested in seeing the progress updates?
  2. I definitely would
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  3. I for sure am
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  4. Yees :D
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  5. Sounds good! I'll be starting a new account today, and I'll reply to you guys with the link once I get it up and running. :D
  6. Yea, I'll follow for sure! like those progress thread ;)
  7. Yeah! Would love to see your progress! Take a look at this if you need some help on dodging those banhammers ;)
  8. yeah same as i made one but i would like a place for it not just goals
  9. The new thread is up if you guys would like to check out how it's going so far!

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