How to sell a account in Runemate

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  1. How to sell a account in Runemate

    Hi everyone, i'm srpronto and i'm here to teach you how to sell accounts in our forums. Before i start i want to thanks everyone in this community especially the bot authors, the staff and our leaders. Its been a good 4 (almost 5) month in this community with really helpfull people always there for you. So let's start.

    First of all you should read the rules of the Runemate General Market written by our mate @EvilCabbage that i will quote down there (say something if you prefer me to link to your post evil)

    After Reading this i think you understood for what this section is so let's start. To sell accounts in our General Market Section or any other goods (related to Runescape) you should go to the section (of course) and create a new thread.
    After clicking you'll see something like this.
    Thats where you'll start writing your faboulous text. At the first box you should create a appellative title to call people to your thread and choose the correct prefix.
    In the second box you will be telling what you are selling, and thats where the serious part comes.

    As i said you should tell people what you are selling, optionally the reason why you are selling. A good presentation is always welcome because it makes, me atleast, more comfortable to to read and a good presentation tells alot about the person behind the computer (a nice person trying to sell a account legitly or a smart jackass trying to scam).
    To sell a account you must take a Picture off:
    • the skills
    • the blackmarks of the account
    • the bank if there is any valuable item or gp
    • the pets and the rest of the fashion items (if owned)
    This is a must because how can you sell something without proofs that you own what you say?

    After you present the proofs you must list the payment methods you are accepting being the most known one Paypal (PP) which is kind of secure. You can get scammed because theres is a policy of charge back which can be used against you thought most people here are nice and won't hurt you (but who knows). Other methods are used of course such as RS3/OSRS currency, paysafecard, bitcoins (BTC - known to be secure), etc.

    With any kind of transaction you should always use a midle-man. "a person who helps two people or groups to deal with and communicate with each other when they are not able or willing to do it themselves". If you go to the General Market you can find 3 official midle-man services:
    Optionly you should add a way to contact you outside the forums. If you choose to do this remind something that our friend @EvilCabbage said before:
    Please remember to always ask for a private message from the person you're buying from to assure you are talking to the right person and not to an impostor.

    After this i can say that pretty much everything was said. If you liked leave a Like, if you didn't.... leave a like too. Happy transactions and be safe!
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  2. Nice guide, sums everything up really well :)

    Just a small typo I noticed, 'methodes' i'll edit this out later :p
  3. Thanks for that, i'm not a native english speaker and because of my browser being set to Portuguese some words are automactly rectified. Any other mistakes please tell me so i can make it as better as possible. Also any suggestions to make the guide better is appreciated.
  4. Very nice guide.

    I love this

    " If you liked leave a Like, if you didn't.... leave a like too. "
  5. Since i don't get them on facebook i need to get them here :D
  6. You should add how PM confirmations work, and the best way to do so;)
  7. Great thread. You should add a part on how to make sure you have valid proof. That includes what @Insomniac said, of course.
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