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Steals from many different stalls. Supports banking for some, optional dropping and human-like clicking.

The bot supports thieving from ALL stalls that can be thieved, but only currently supports banking for some stalls.

General Features:
  • supports thieving ALL stalls and supports banking as SOME locations
  • supports choosing your own "anchor" tile (tile to stand on while thieving)
  • supports selecting items to drop
  • runs away from combat, if we end up in combat somehow
  • customizable break handler, to log out for a little while every X minutes
  • customizable AFK handler, to idle the bot for a little while every few minutes

Hosidius Fruit Stall (East) Features:
  • can thieve from any fruit stall, though the fruit stalls in the house east of central hosidius are recommended
  • can choose to thieve both or one stall (one stall recommended)
  • if thieving both kourend stalls, bot will eat strange fruits as needed

Every Other Stall:
  • The bot can thieve every stall in the game, with banking available for certain stalls (listed below)

Stalls With Banks (Currently):
  • Baker's stall
    • Ardougne
  • Crafting stall
    • Ardougne
  • Silk stall
    • Ardougne
  • Fruit stall (Hosidius central or east)
    • Hosidius
  • Fur stall
    • Ardougne
  • Silver stall
    • Ardougne
  • Gem stall
    • Ardougne
    • Mor ul rek


First release
Last update
4.71 star(s) 24 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Cuppa Stall Thief [BETA] v1.1.3 Released!

    Cuppa Stall Thief [BETA] updated to v1.1.3.
  2. Cuppa Stall Thief [BETA] v1.1.2 Released!

    Cuppa Stall Thief [BETA] updated to v1.1.2.
  3. Cuppa Stall Thief [BETA] v1.1.1 Released!

    Cuppa Stall Thief [BETA] updated to v1.1.1.

Latest reviews

Absolutely PERFECT!. Only thing I could maybe suggest is stamina/energy option for the likes of fruit stalls running back and forth when selected both stalls. But in its current state, its perfect!
Your the MVP Cuppa!
another flawless bot cuppa the legend taking the edge of the grind
Cuppa doesn't miss. 1000 cakes for wintertodt. Left the bot running, forgot about it, came back and I'm set.
works great ;)
No issues.
got rocky the pet using this at 31k thieving xp
ay grats!
this is my go to thieving bot for stealing cakes and shit in Ardy, easy 20+ levels and a shitload of cakes, handy for Wintertoth and such! btw, cuppa is the best!
<3 <3 <3
works great.
<3 <3 <3
Pog Pog Pog Pog