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Dark Cooker Pro 2.06.01

Cook your fish, make some pies, or ferment wine!

  1. Dark sage
    Locations :
    - Rogues den (must start near the correct area)
    - Hosidius oven (can start anywhere on Kourend)
    - Al Kharid (can start anywhere in F2P)
    - Catherby (recommend starting closer to here then al kharid)
    - Fossil island camp (beta) (only supports walking from within the camp)
    - Myths guild (must start near bank or cook spot)
    - Zanaris (churning/dairy only)
    Food Support :
    - Meats
    - Seafood
    - Pastries
    - Dairy
    - Vegetable
    - Roasted (beta)
    - Drinks (wines)
    - Bot will auto shift our location if our cooked item requires a specific game object
    - Roasted items require fire
    - Baked items require a range/oven
    - Option to select multiple items
    - Option to add specific goals or until out of item
    - Any items that have other steps to make will display the supported steps to make it
    - Checking any of these supported steps, will apply same goal(s) and add them to queue (in order from first step to last step)
    - Uses the drop all items and pick up 1 by 1 method (nearly doubles standard cooking rates)
    - Will only use this method where it is viable
    - ideal location is at rogues den

    Dark Bots Discord

Recent Reviews

  1. Kimithrows
    Version: 2.06.01
    Echoing the others, the bot did not work at all and the author valued charging a few hours for something that did not work, than propose a solution. Went with MaxiCooker instead.

    07:53:15 [DEBUG] [ OSRSBank] Using action ^Withdraw-All-but-1|Withdraw-All$
    07:53:15 [DEBUG] [ Menu] Clicking '^Withdraw-All-but-1|Withdraw-All$' 'null' on SpriteItem(name:Raw lobster, quantity: 151, index: 398, origin: BANK)
    07:53:15 [INFO ] [ IIIIIIiIII] [00:01:02] Rogue's Den
    07:53:15 [INFO ] [ DarkWithdrawTask] [00:01:02] #closeBank : Closing Bank
    07:53:15 [INFO ] [ OSRSBank] Closing bank
    07:53:16 [INFO ] [ IIIIIIiIII] [00:01:03] Rogue's Den
    07:53:16 [INFO ] [ IIIIIIiIII] [00:01:03] Rogue's Den
    07:53:16 [INFO ] [ IIIIIIiIII] [00:01:03] Rogue's Den
    07:53:17 [INFO ] [ IIIIIIiIII] [00:01:04] Rogue's Den
    07:53:17 [INFO ] [ IIIIIIiIII] [00:01:04] Rogue's Den
    07:53:18 [INFO ] [ IIIIIIiIII] [00:01:04] Rogue's Den

    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      you did not provide any details to this issue, and claim i refused a refund that u did not request... bro dont use my bots
  2. Needlestoo
    Version: 2.06.01
    your bot doesnt do a damn thing at hosidious kitchen. if i could rate 0 stars i would
    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      did u try any other locations?
  3. averyverybigboi
    Version: 2.3.5
    I have had absolutely NO issues using this (wines AND for cooking fish)

    Be wary that, more often than not, people that leave reviews do so only when the bot doesn't work for them
  4. Tanis W
    Tanis W
    Version: 2.3.5
    horrible for wines, will pull out 28 jugs of water and just get stuck for hours.
  5. Ramonb007
    Version: 2.3.2
    i got 99 cooking on my main with this no issues now it just withdraws the items and gets stuck on the amount of wines you want o make. it was a great script hopefully its fixed soon
    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      much appreciate this as feedback with log files attached
  6. CoonzyBoi
    Version: 2.3.1
    been doing wines for several hours and getting good results
  7. quanh1
    Version: 2.3.1
    worked for a bit, but shortly after I went AFK it logged me out and charged me for 5 hours. next morning I tried again (figured user error). came back to my pc after 45 mins, saw my account logged out and turned it off. I was making wines btw
    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      this issue will be resolved in the next update
  8. brendan1124
    Version: 2.2.5
    Not sure what I could be doing wrong. Bot is not doing anything when starting after selecting all fish necessary, it also likes to spam the range like crazy. It attacked a NPC in the room with the range so its best to make sure attack options are off. Wasted about 70 cents starting/stopping over and over.
    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      this is why i have a discord server, and there is a feedback/discussion thread where you can provide this info so i can fix it
  9. Chopper
    Version: 2.2.4
    Used this for around 4 Mil Exp now and gotta say its working very well!! Dark really knows what hes doing ! Even did a few hours without breaks (which is obviously not recommended)! And it definitly has a start button :'D !
  10. pretendereyes
    Version: 2.0.4
    Dark Sage is super helpful and this bot works flawlessly on wines at any bank! Thanks again for the help and quick response!