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Great xp, Chance for that coveted pet

Supports both Blood and Soul runes
Afk chipping or Active/rapid chipping
Supports shortcuts
Blood essence support
Optional DI usage

Must have pickaxe and chisel upon start and be on zeah
dark sage
First release
Last update
3.78 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Misfits Zeah RC v2.1.4 Released!

    Misfits Zeah RC updated to v2.1.4.
  2. Misfits Zeah RC v2.1.3 Released!

    Misfits Zeah RC updated to v2.1.3.
  3. Misfits Zeah RC v2.1.0 Released!

    Misfits Zeah RC updated to v2.1.0.

Latest reviews

i used yesterday it always disconnecting. so try to fix this issue.
Honestly had a few issues at start but running smooth as hell now , sure as hell the best RC bot on the market for all your blood/soul rune needs , fill up that sang or tumeken'shadow with ease!

big 10/10 right now!
I don't like that there is no LITE version. I gave it a shot to try it and it is just way to slow. Bot sits for long periods of times after running. It seems to be the pathing. It's about 15-20 seconds it sits there after each run. I can't trust it to use it.
dark sage
dark sage
there is a TRIAL version...
Works when it wants to work, stops working when it decides it no longer wants to work. Keeps trying to use chisel on chisel, this bot is a hit or miss every hour.
dark sage
dark sage
Could u send log files of when there are problems? would be nice to be informed of whats occuring to fix it
79-83 RC so far, script runs great! ran with breaks and afking and ran over 24 hours, no issue!
It seems that the bot gets stuck when chiseling the essence. It will chisel the entire inventory, but it gets stuck trying to chisel the pile of essence fragments. Unfortunately that means it has to be babysat. If that issue was resolved, there's be no reason why this isn't a 5-star bot! I really hope it ends up being fixed soon, as Atlas pulled his Zeah RC bot from the bot store - there is a real opportunity for DarkZeah to completely take over.
dark sage
dark sage
Issue with chisel has been fixed, and recent RM update fixed the lagg issue with web pathing
ran this for 20 hours now, lets be honest this it's over priced. the xp you get is poor and the gp per hour is weak. i gained about 25k xp per hour and about 250k gp per hour. you also fail to mention the requirements for running this is 73 agility without it the bot is useless and doesn't work.
Does what it should do. Note: if bot keeps dropping chisel at altar and logging out as it can not find chisel in inventory, turn off shift-drop setting and bot will run fine.
dark sage
dark sage
Good to know that shift dropping is an issue, was not aware :)
Update on my end using the script since most recent update. Issue with the chisel being stuck is resolved and I haven't encountered any other issues. Getting around 270k GP per hour and 35k Runecrafting XP per hour. Highly recommend.
Works flawlessly for the most part. Just started using today and been babysitting as it is a newer script. Only issues I've had using the script is when using rapid chisel you, there is a chance the chisel stays selected while at the alter. I also had an issue when a falling star was at the essence mine it kept miss clicking the star. Other than that, you get average blood rune xp rates and great gp per hour.
dark sage
dark sage
could you dm me the log file related to the star please
I have not incurred this issue, and extremely difficult to reproduce
The chisel should have been resolved in most recent update