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Handles all your smithing needs

Supports Varrock West and South Priff. anvil
-- Will default to Varrock west if location not selected --

Supports all bars and items per bar
dark sage
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Misfits Smither v2.4.5 Released!

    Misfits Smither updated to v2.4.5.
  2. Misfits Smither v2.4.4 Released!

    Misfits Smither updated to v2.4.4.
  3. Misfits Smither v2.4.3 Released!

    Misfits Smither updated to v2.4.3.

Latest reviews

My only complaint is that (specific to Varrok west) everytime the bot goes to the bank it stops at the bank door, then clicks on the bank window. It does this EVERY time. Same like 2 spots. You can easily click the bank from the anvil and vice versa, I wish the author would inegrate this into the random patterns.
dark sage
dark sage
there are no random patterns and if its taking more then a single click, its an issue with it being visible