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Handles all your crafting needs

- Jewelry
- Gem cutting
- Leather (leather, d'hide and snakeskin)
- Glass blowing
- Molten glass making
- battlestaff

Dark Bots Discord
dark sage
First release
Last update
4.40 star(s) 10 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Misfits Crafter v2.5.0 Released!

    Misfits Crafter updated to v2.5.0.
  2. Misfits Crafter v2.4.4 Released!

    Misfits Crafter updated to v2.4.4.
  3. Misfits Crafter v2.4.3 Released!

    Misfits Crafter updated to v2.4.3.

Latest reviews

just need to do something about it when it banks it keeps deposit the stuffs clicking all then x the bank must be direct bank all then taking x without keep clicking all then x , plus always clicks on bucket and furnance after click the furnance
Just needs the banking part of the script rewritten because after crafting your item in Edgeville it just stands there and does not go to the bank
dark sage
dark sage
would be better posted as a bug report, with log files attached, please join my discord or dm me the logs
it works. my mistake for letting it run without babysitting. caught a temp ban.
Doing sapphire amulets at edgeville when banking it doesn't complete the action of banking
very human like used it wisely didn't get ban thankfully the most thing I like is that I can still move chat to make it more humanlike every 1 hour or so, and it won't interfere the bot will resume no matter what action you do, very smart bot.
Used on multiple accounts. So far no issues! only thing I see (and its probably a user error) is if I pause the bot and try and switch for example from a leather body to chaps it wont switch task. I have to end it and restart but overall a solid bot! :)
dark sage
dark sage
You can add multiple tasks, with certain amounts to make or til certain level, i will be working on getting the Task editor/remover added in future
Have used this script last month from 87-99 and could vouch for this bot. Awesome crafting script and very human like. Looking forward to more scripts from you Dark :)
dark sage
dark sage
very human like , recommended
Very very good script.
Haven't used anything else by Dark, but this is the best crafting bot on the market currently IMO
Another great Dark product. I'd recommend running on resizeable mode and ensuring furnace/bank are within 1 click to make it even more efficient