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Iron man oriented chop, plank, and con

Supports :
Oak Larders, Tables, Doors, Chairs

Tele to house:
Spells or tabs

Return to Sawmill :
Ring of the elements
Varrock spell/tab/nexus/portal

Will Chop Oaks near the Varrock Sawmill
Converts logs to planks
Teleports to House
builds Selection
dark sage
First release
Last update
3.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Misfits Iron Con v1.1.4 Released!

    Misfits Iron Con updated to v1.1.4.
  2. Misfits Iron Con v1.1.3 Released!

    Misfits Iron Con updated to v1.1.3.
  3. Misfits Iron Con v1.1.2 Released!

    Misfits Iron Con updated to v1.1.2.

Latest reviews

does what it says, but barely, its very slow,

can barely walk from varrock to oak trees without walking backwards and forwards for a few minutes,

set timer aswell for 4 hours, came back 11 hours later and bots stopped but accounts logged in and it said *stopping bot becasue of timer* or equivelent but still charged me 11 hours worth and left account logged in indling for 6-7 hours.
dark sage
dark sage
maybe join the discord and see whats going on before reviewing... you would know thee update is peending release fixing the issues
Works exactly as it says, thank you misfits this is a belter bot <3