Hexis Agility AIO 1.7.6

"'Just do it' - Nike" - Makutu

  1. Makutu
    Hexis Agility AIO

    Flawlessly completes every Rooftop on OldSchool with a multitude of features.
    • Progressive Mode
      • Automatically walk to the next highest course you can do when you level up. Allows for seamless 1-99 training, if you have the appropriate teleport items and meet the requirements.
    • Looting Marks of Grace
      • For a chance at some extra money whilst training, or to unlock the exclusive Graceful outfit, you can pick up Marks of Grace.
    • Casting High-Level Alchemy
      • For highly efficient training, consider casting High Level Alchemy whilst you traverse the Rooftop course. This means you're making even more money, training magic, and training Agility all in one bot.
    • Casting Magic Imbue
      • For those who have Lunars unlocked, you can cast Magic Imbue whilst training to train some Magic alongside Agility.
    • Drinks Stamina potions
      • Users can take Stamina potions with them to increase their xp per hour.
    • Eats Summer Pies
      • Boost your Agility level and experience even further with Summer pies.
    • Jug of Wines
      • For lower levels you can bring some jugs of wine for cheap and effective food.
    • Seers' Village Teleport
      • For those who have unlocked the hard diaries, the bot will teleport to the Seers' village bank if you have a law rune in your inventory.

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Recent Reviews

  1. El Papalote
    El Papalote
    Version: 1.7.6
    May get stuck early on, but works very well after.
  2. jkemp
    Version: 1.7.6
    worked for me. didn't do seers
  3. Moo Changer
    Moo Changer
    Version: 1.7.6
    just botted my lvls and didnt banned so far.. but never botting more then 2 hours.
    i want to to see after rating how its go.
  4. nizub
    Version: 1.7.6
    so far so good. does what it is intended to do!
  5. tonis500
    Version: 1.7.6
    very good
  6. Suspense
    Version: 1.7.6
    Works great, got me full gracefull in 2 days.
    Don't bother with FadedPredator's review, he's just a crybaby.
    I've had no issues with the bot, no bans (on multiple accounts).
  7. Raum Proxy
    Raum Proxy
    Version: 1.7.6
    bot works great and flawlessly been using for 2 days atm full graceful. how ever break handler on the other hand, stops the bot after the break is longer than 4 or 5 mins, and doesnt provide the security it should. so you have to babysit it.
  8. Jamie Green1
    Jamie Green1
    Version: 1.7.6
    I recently wrote a 4 star review for this bot based on what I had seen in a few hours.

    Since then I have done a 15 hour session suicide bot with no ban. I realised if you turn screen saver off so the bot is just left running on fixed screen it runs flawlessly gaining average 35k exp per hour. I’ve ran 1450 laps of pollenivich now. VERY GOOD BOT

    Also people complaining about seers is there own fault seers always has and always will be a highly watched area for bots by jagex as it is competitive rates of exp. remember bot smartly and you will be safe.
  9. BugsChungus
    Version: 1.7.6
    no bugs and really smooth. I noticed some other scripts i use kinda drop my frames while having this run. But this doesnt. Really smooth
  10. loopz
    Version: 1.7.6
    i have tried falador and canafis courses and lost over .40c in bot credit from reloading it will not start the courses and will not continue through the course it shows its clicking but not on the right spots i guess