Hexis Altar 1.0.4

Holier than thou

  1. Noah
    Hexis Altar

    Offers any bone at a Gilded/Chaos altar. Supports automatic host detection, self-hosting, and friends' houses.

    • Highly customisable house selection. Use your own, a friends, or a host on W330 by using the Advertisement Board.
    • Supports all bones
    • Unnotes at Phials or runs to the bank
    • Uses Ornate Jewellery box or Mounted Amulet of Glory to traverse a bank
    • Smart banking
    Future updates:
    • Chaos altar support - sacrifice your bones at the deep Wilderness altar for even more xp!
    • Anti-PK support
    • High efficiency offering - repeatedly offer bones instead of letting the game do it for you
    • And any suggestions you may have!


Recent Updates

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